Friday , May 27 2022

Izabell launches first album with shooting


Stavanger races, Izabell, invite the audience to shoot when he launches the first "Shoot Me" album.

Friday, November 16, rapper, Izabell, is renowned for the reboot of the year P3 Attitude problem, says the first album on the new record label, STVG Kartell.

Benedikte Izabell Ekeland, a 28-year-old name, is one of the entrepreneurs behind the record label and collective label that aims to get the urban artists in the Stavanger area up and down.

Here you can listen to the title track:

Stavanger Expressions

A look at the "Shoot me" mobile game.

By the local website,, Izabell praises the local talent, which has produced and mixed seven of the eight songs on the record.

"It's not always good for people who are very bad people in this city, they're going to the web.

The album has got the title Shoot me, which is a widely used expression in Stavanger.

"Shoot me" can be used when you get tired or made a mistake, or Izabell can use something like "come to me".

Shoot Izabell!

Along with the mansion, Izabell has also made a game for the game, where the audience is being challenged for shooting. In the game, one app that is available through Apple Store and Google Play, the prize is sneaky of the new album.

Creative promotion

Izabell is not eager to use creative equipment to promote her music. In 2013, the Haaland, Eidsvåg & Strøm and Anorak agency won the prize for the Kaizervirus app, where fans could share the new music of the Kaizers Orchestra before the official record.

Framtida also wrote for Elton Siri, who played his music on the street to get the people's opinions.

"It's so crazy, a lot is good, and to have some attention to music, one has to find new things," said, 19.

An Early Incredible Winner and Future Secretary Jon Olav have sent a chain letter with his own website link to promote the first "Young Poetry" album.

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