Monday , December 6 2021

INSTITUTIONS – The older girl hit her and raped in Oslo


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"It should not be that I can not go out after it's dark.

– I want to stand to show what happens when you do this with others. It should not be that I can not get out after it becomes dark, "said the Nettavisen woman.

In consultation with the woman, we have not written her name.

The night before Sunday, the older wife was killed and he probably tried to rob her in Oslo. Who made the mistake anonymously. The police investigate the case and a neighbor, with the consent of the woman, posted a photo of it on Facebook, asking if anyone has seen anything.

Remember nothing

The police ask people who could have seen something in the residential area Karlsrud / Lambertseter / Ekeberg to the southeast in Oslo once between 02 and 05 Sunday 4 November, to contact them.

WOMAN GORFFYMON: This woman was crossed between Lambertseter and Ekeberg's night to Sunday 4 November.


"I do not remember anything," said the wife to Nettavisen. She had been visiting friends and usually had to go home. She tells her she is about alcohol and she likes to walk home after visiting friends for a while.

The last thing he remembers is that she has passed Rema on Karlsrud.

The next day the bloody man began to suggest home in the house just north of Ekebergsletta.

"I was surprised when I got to the bathroom and saw me in the mirror," said the wife to Nettavisen. In the afternoon afternoon he went out and met the neighbor.

"He started crying when he saw me," said the wife. The neighbor took the picture and posted on Facebook.

I did to the police room in the emergency room also meet to question the woman.

The woman had big cuts over her eyes and a break in her face and she has been in hospital this week.

"I've also broken the nails and I had wounds on my knees and in my lap so it's clear I've fought," said the wife.

EKEBERG: The lady was on her way from Lambertseter to her home in north north Ekebergsletta when she was transported. It is not clear exactly where it was stolen.


Find assets

Many Sundays have been discovered since Sunday, but she does not remember anything about what has happened.

On Facebook and on other websites, people have guessed that the woman has been exposed to immigration by immigrants.

"I do not want to be involved in the abolition of this type. I do not remember what has happened. He who operated me was one of new countries. What I am worried about is being we all have to look after each other, says the woman.

So, hopefully those who have done this to her and others who survive will see her image to fear and warn.

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