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– In my head I'm not 50 at all


Photo: Frode Hansen, VG

GARDERMOEN (VG) Siv Jensen almost fifty, but far from finishing. She has learned how to live a single life.

– Do you like being celebrated?

– It's a little two. And I have no idea what kind of celebration I get here today. I don't know anything. It's definitely very nice, he says Siv Jensen (49) to VG in a small cafe board at the Frp countryside hotel meeting in Gardermoen.

She is quiet, at home and in a large shape before the national assembly party where the FRP leader is to be celebrated as fifty years until late at night, even though her first birthday is is 1 June. The party leader and finance minister, Jensen, even took some dance moves to the photographer among all the men of the Frp who went back and forth between the meeting rooms.

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– But do you love attention about yourself, celebrate – and 50 years?

– I don't think it's rare to be 50 at all. I have no concerns about the year, dates and numbers. I don't think it's hard to get 30, I don't think she's painful to be 40 years old and I don't fear being 50 years old either. For me it's our number. The most important thing is how I feel, if I look after myself. And within my head I'm not 50 at all, says Jensen.

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TO TOPPS: Here at the National Assembly in 2006, Siv Jensen was elected as the new chairman of Frp. This year she's filling 50. To the right: veteran Carl I. Hagen who turns 75 on Monday. Siv is unsure whether she will be as active as Carl in 25 years. Photo: Linn Cathrin Olsen, VG

– You have had heavy measurements recently, especially in your own Oslo municipality. Are things of such sort going into you, you're so struggling?

– I would have lied if I said I liked bad measurements, Jensen answered.

Call bad measurements themselves

Describing surveys as feedback from voters, either "sharpening" or "this is good, more of this".

– The parties are good at correcting the course when we receive feedback. In this sense, opinion polls are very good, but I also think we have had some bad measurements that are self-imposed, says Siv Jensen.

It's not mentioning examples, but Aftenposten has shown in recent months that two of the party's branches had distributed bills for travel they weren't for them. Ulf Leirstein recently received a new caution against him and recorded.

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"He has joined the whole party, because we are thousands of decent politicians who are working hard and don't do anything from his place, which is our behavior." right and taking part in this because we want to change society for the better, "said Jensen.

I've been very clear and told the last government: Now it's enough! Now I don't want more and now I'm pulling off the silk gloves. It was a very clear message.

ALL PEOPLE: Siv Jensen and Frp are still working to get more female union representatives in the party. Photo: Lise Åserud, NTB scanpix

– Now we have prepared even better organizational tools that enable us to operate. I don't want that anymore. It's human making mistakes and silly things. But some of this is not only stupid, it's not good, Jensen emphasizes.

– I have no children and I am not married

In her opening speech to the National Assembly, Siv Jensen said that she chose to live alone. "It's been a shame for me that I couldn't give an extra granddaughter to my mum," he said. But she is aware that she has not sacrificed anything in life where politics has taken place around the clock.

– No. I have been very privileged to have run my hobby, if you like.

– As you love … t

– Yes. Remember, my political engagement began to be given as a hobby. I didn't become a politician because I wanted to do it full time.

TRIO: Siv Jensen is now at the top of the Norwegian power school with Erna Solberg and Trine Skei Grande. Jensen says that it is not their fault that she does not have children, she fails to prioritize that part of her life in that case. Photo: Jørgen Braastad, VG

– Have you neglected to start a family? You raised it in your speech.

– I said in my speech that I am now 50, I have no children and I am not married. But being unmarried or in a current relationship is not an option I have to make. That is how it is now. The fact that I haven't had kids in it myself is a result of it, but it's still a choice that I'll have to make. Is our victim? No, Jensen emphasizes.

– Politics is not his fault, and in that case it is my fault. My inability to prioritize that part of life. But I'm fine. I live a good life. It is not really true that it is an effort to live on your own. I think it's very nice to live on your own, says the leader of the Frp.

ON THE BARRIADS: Siv Jensen has chosen life on the barricades to Frp, as party leader and now finance minister. Photo: Helge Mikalsen, VG

– Many do it … t

– Yes. I remember it very well back to the junior stage where a friend and I were arguing about this. We are both alone and had such an approach that she should wait for the good meals until she could give it to anyone. Then I said "honestly, here's your life, and then you should sit there and cut the Toro bag in half." I'm sorry, but I don't want to. I intend to cook myself good food every day and light candles on the table and enjoy myself. If I eat that food alone or with others, Jensen says.

– Erna recently said that it will continue after 2021, are you there too?

– I'm going to give answers to party organizations about what we do next. Now we focus on the municipal elections, so I have to decide on the next round after that.

– In your speech, you said that your experiences and mistakes have made you who you are.

– With years of living, you get a lot of experiences, good and bad. You're making a choice of choice, and you're learning it. You are recovering from it. But where it is easier to see that I have changed, that I have become quieter, lighter, more relaxed. It's comfortable because it reduces stress in your own body, says Jensen.

– He didn't like me being very angry at the front. It looked like that. It was all about being very intense on what I was doing. I was very keen to do a good job. I've managed to take a step back and I'm a little more relaxed and free now, says the FRP leader.

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