Wednesday , January 27 2021

IMPORTANT NOTICE to anyone born from 1960 onwards and including 6969

Measles is the most infectious and most serious childhood diseases. Before the vaccine was used in 1969, large measles epidemics occurred every three years. Those born in Norway before 1960 have the likelihood of having measles that MMR vaccine is not usually required.

As the situation is now, we have to consider that measles can appear in our region. Measles is extremely infectious and can cause serious illness with sensory damage in some patients.
The most important measure to prevent the disease is vaccination, which provides lifelong protection. Vaccination is important for your own health, but also to prevent the spread of infection to other people who cannot take the vaccine for various reasons.

The vaccine is free!
If you know for sure that you are suffering from measles, you do not need the vaccine.


Telephone health center: 908 85 761 – or urban switchboard 61 22 44 00

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