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How can Samsung repair the weaknesses in the Galaxy Fold IT newspaper?


The two biggest problems must be identified with the mobile phone, and the new version is in the trial period.

Due to a lot of negative publicity after journalists and bloggers have the screen's destruction on their test version of Galaxy Fold, Samsung has now found a solution that will make the mobile phone foldable. to protect us better from harm. As previously reported in the media, there were many fold models that were suddenly having cracked screens because of weaknesses in the design.

Two main reasons for the problems

There seem to be two major weaknesses that caused Samsung's nightmare to launch. First, the foldable screen was covered with a thin film that was to be there to protect the surface. But there were many users who suspected they were a temporary screen protector that they could peel.

The hinges that made folding the Galaxy Fix were also installed so small things could be caught in the joint – causing damage when the phone was bent and back. The Samsung correction is working on now going to the address of these two issues.

A new version must be tested a few weeks

The protective surface film should be firm and go under the frame around the whole phone so it cannot be moved. Furthermore, the area around the hinges at the top and bottom will be covered to avoid dust, dirt and other occasions. Tests on this prestigious Fold are currently underway in South Korea, and Samsung now aims to re-launch the impressive mobile phone in June.

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