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– hope they are a little scared – VG


KOLDING (VG) (Germany-Norway 23-42) Henny Reistad made the top jump of the match and slammed the ball into goal with the toughest shot of the day. The 21-year-old has scored 10 out of 10 shots so far at the European Championships.

A 19-10 goal came just two minutes after the youngest of the handball girls escaped in the first half. He sang the ball blissfully in the German net masks. The track of the European Championship organizer showed 117 km per hour. He rose 60 cm above the blue courtyard deck after being played with a double cross directed by Stine Bredal Oftedal.

– Henny has some inherent qualities. She has obviously chosen the right parents. There are genes, but also training of course, says national team coach Thorir Hergeirsson when VG asks for the score. VG has previously written about Reistad’s family background – the great grandfather led Ole Reistad Norway to Olympic gold in military patrol races during the 1928 Winter Olympics.

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According to media contact Halvor Lea, the Norwegian players are unsure whether the EHF figures are accurate. Normal firing strength on hard shots by women should be 95-97 km per hour, team Norway steers VG.

Reistad exceeded it by 20 km per hour if the track in the hall is correct. A pearl from Sander Sagosen was measured at 138 km per hour during the men’s European Championships in January.

– When she has such great qualities in other things and develops other things further, it’s hard to stop, Stine Bredal Oftedal describes it after the big victory.

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Henny Reistad herself hopes that she and Norway have sent a shocking blow to every other team in the European Championship with the mighty 19-goal victory over desperate Germans.

– Hopefully they are a little scared, he said.

– We are performing well in both these games and hope the others understand that it will be difficult to beat us. The pace of this match suits me very well. We have good dueling players and we really can reach our potential against German players who can’t stand together as well. Germany is a very good team, so this is one of the best international matches I’ve played with Norway.

BANGED TO: Henny Reistad has been extremely efficient at the start of the European Championship. Photo: Bjørn Steinar Delebekk

Reistad has scored 10 European Championship goals in less than one game of playing time in the first two European Championship games (54 minutes and 43 seconds). Along with Camilla Herrem (12 goals on 12 shots) she is showing efficiency at the highest level.

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– Are you part of the turbo range now?

– I feel like I can add as much speed in the attacking game as the others and I at least like the way to play, he says about playing with Stred Bredal Oftedal and Nora Mørk explosive.

– She is developing her style of play. When she gets even better at variation and playing with her speed, it becomes even more fun to watch, the national team manager believes.

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– Henny is cast in the perfect playmaker body. It has the height and it also has speed and change of speed. It’s already very good for us and it won’t be less important, Ofredal’s Stine Bredal predicts Norway’s best game since the last eight World Cup finals against Russian Olympic winner (34-17 victory) three years ago .

– The feeling of such a flow is something that gives extreme self-confidence. It’s really fun, describes the captain of the national team.

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