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Hallvard Flatland goes around the gambling company after the trial


In several legal rounds, the gambling company, the Gambling Innovation Group (NHS), has fought against celebrity TV Hallvard Flatland about whether it worked for the company. Before Christmas, Flatland received a court order at Bergen District Court for an oral agreement with the gambling company which allowed him 3.4 million NHS contributions.

– Gambling Innovation appealed the case, and he had to arrange for the fall, Flatland said to DN.

So far this year, the NHS share has more than half its value, and so the value of Flatland requirements is reduced. However, the former Casino presenter can say that he has recently reached an agreement with the proven gambling group.

"This spring I was suddenly invited to court cases and we made a settlement on May 7," Flatland said.

Do you get money or shares?

– There is a sum of money, but I do not need to go to the details of the agreement, says Flatland.

Crucial to managers

The former presenter is vital that the NHS did not sit on the discussion board earlier.

– This is a case that should never be in court. Had they taken one phone for me, we had found a friendly solution. The tragic thing is that the company spent about NOK 5 million on bringing this case to court for several rounds, Flatland said.

NHS Chief Executive, Robin Reed, had the opportunity to comment on the criticism from Flatland on Wednesday morning, but he did not comment on the matter.

As part of the contract with the NHS, Hallvard Flatland became a shareholder in the gaming company, saying it has no plans to sell these shares, despite the nitrite price development. In the last year, the proportion has fallen by over 75 per cent in value.

– I have a great faith in the company. It has a good product and great potential, but it's sad to see how the company is managed. The managers must become more active and visible, says Flatland.

– Silly litigation and poor football clubs

Flatland does not want to go out with the number of NHS shares owned today.

– But I have spent a lot of time and effort on the company, so I feel a lot at stake, Flatland says.

"It's very desperate that they have spent so much of the shareholders', that is, my money on this case over the judicial system," he adds.

We trust NHS managers now turn their attention to turning the nitrite course development into a company.

"I hope the managers are now focusing on making money for the company rather than getting upset and tentative investments in poor football clubs," Flatland said.

A number of key people in the NHS, including chief executive Robin Reed, have registered as the main shareholder in the Start football club. Also on the football field, things are bored in recent years and in 2018 Start started down to the Obos league.

The demand is shaving suddenly

The NHS shares, which gave them the verbal agreement to Hallvard Flatland, were at most value over NOK 20 million, but so the price of the share has fallen by over 80 percent since the peak in March 2018.

There is a good reason to assume that the amount you get now is much lower than this level?

"Yes, it's quite right assumed," Flatland said.

Given the share split made at the end of 2018, and the fall in prices so far this year, the proportions Flatland was entitled to after the oral agreement were worth around NOK 3.6 million with the price. current shares.

The NHS announced on Wednesday that the company had settled with British authorities, which meant that the company had to give NOK 24 million to charitable gambling organizations.

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