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Great power failure in Trondheim –


The case is updated.

All power customers have returned to Trondheim after the big power outlet.

Trønnerergi worked to find the failure after the power stream that broke the power across large parts of the west and south of Trondheim.

Trønderenergi says about 25,000 customers were void.

Just before 19.30, Trønderenergi had found the case.

– Correct the errors

"We have had a period break on the high line between Klæbu and Huseby. We have now re-organized the web so everyone has the power back. People are on the spot and where they should Start correction of mistakes. This will not have any results to electricity customers, said Tore Wuttudal, an information consultant in Trønderergi, to go to it.

The power had gone between 18.26 and 19.15, when all the customers had recycled.

Many also tell you about telephone problems and problems with TV decoders. Someone was afraid not to see the RBK game that started at 21.00.

Wuttudal says there is a frequent error often.

– Some cell phones are powered, even if they need an emergency battery. This may have affected the comment. Some routers may be reset after the power station. He will probably be responsible for the game, says Wuttudal.

However, the football fans were incredible after the first round of Rosenborg against Salzburg – read more here

Many areas have been affected

There was a wealth of inquiries from people from Midtbyen, Byåsen, Tiller, Heimdal, Kolstad, Romulslia, Flatåsen, Kroppanmarka, Okstadplassen, Langdalen, Byneset and Klett.

The police received more messages about people staying in lifts, reported on Twitter.

Many said at the address that the light did not flash or light with half strength. In many, it was completely darkened too.

"We have a few places, but to a small extent and with yellow skirts. Heimdal's wife said many lights.

At Huseby Hall, swimming training had to take place in the dark, telling a parent.

Kolstad street lights were dark Thursday night. Photo: CHARLOTTE SUNDBERG

Adresseavisen's journalist, Ola Alsberg, was in the city center when the power came and told us that the city was dark and saw the lights on Byåsen blink.

Listed auction with flash line

In Klett samfundshus there was an auction of the stable tonight, but the lights were only candles.

– Moody candle, auctioneer lighting objects with flash-flame. There are many people here, said tip of

Immediately after 19.15, the power was back in the community house.

Live with candles during the auction at Klett. Photo:

– A big outcome

Tore Wuttudal's information advisor at Trønderenergi said immediately after the flow went on:

"We have a pretty big result on the Byåsen side and there are also Kroppanmarka and parts of Tiller. We are working hard with the case, and there are extra people going on, Wuttudal said You went back

Ferry in place again

Addressavisen printing company was also darkened in Heimdal.

On 19.17, Guri Svarva in Polaris reports that the power is back and they are working to get the press back.

Flakk-Rørvik ferry connection was canceled because Flakk ferjekai had no power.

A little later, it is reported that the ferry service between Flakk and Rørvik is just as normal as 19:30.

Handbag handbag canceled

The third division that fits between Kolstad and NTNUI's Hand in Husebyhallen has been canceled due to the power removal, Rune Haugen says, and sends with this image .

Golstadt Kolstad and NTNUI will probably have to take the game another day. Photo: RUNE HAUGEN

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