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Finland's commentary ensures Johaug – do not think about hot in Finland


GENERAL NOTE: Therese Johaug received a lot of attention back during the seasonal opening of Beitostølen on Friday. Here he meets with parents after the victory in the opening race.
GENERAL NOTE: Therese Johaug received a lot of attention back during the seasonal opening of Beitostølen on Friday. Here he meets with parents after the victory in the opening race. Photo: Olsen, Yes


Therese Johaug (30) is ready for negative reactions in Finland to the weekend. But the deep commentator Pekka Holopainen does not believe in Johaug-hat, although he believes that many discover the climatic story's doubt.


Johaug expects that there may be negative reactions, because of his tapping case, when he comes back to the World Cup in Kuusamo next weekend.

"I'm very happy to have a different welcome than I have received here. I just gave myself shadows and focuses on me, says Johaug after the season opened in Beitostølen.

He reminded this weekend of the poster that appeared in Kuusamo, with the inscription "Ski Team DDR Norway = Drug Team", one month after the scoping case was announced during the term of November 2016.

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Do not believe in hot dogs

But Pekka Holopainen's phenomenal commentator, in the Ilta-Sannomat newspaper, is convinced that Johaug does not fear him.

"If she is worried that strong reactions, among the people of Finland, will certainly not be true. Therefore, they will not say Holopainen to VG, stating that cross-country skiing does not disappear as a sudden reaction to make ice hockey in Finland.

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At the same time, he believes that many in Finland are skeptical about the explanation of the drug case. In autumn of 2016, the riot Fredrik Bendiksen and Johaug explained how he had his lip strain from the doctor in the national collection and that his later use had led to the positive scoping test.

"I think most fingers are skeptical about the lip explanation, but now she has lost two terms, the son of the penalty and the case has explained. Respecting that, the Supreme Court has said that. Now he is the time for his response and we have it. I think that will be convincing, says Holopainen, who & He believes that Johaug will also receive support from the Finnish audience.

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Johaug even said late October 2016 this:

"It's very funny that people do not believe what I said, as I was just open and honest and I told the whole story.

Negative Reactions

There were strong reactions in Finland when the taping case was published. Among other things, his clothing brand was withdrawn from a sale in Finland due to negative reactions.

Finland's posts were criticized last year by the Finnish television channel news director yes, Christoffer Herberts.

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– The destitution discovered in Finland is about what happened to Johaug calling me. I believe that Therese Johaug a victim and I'm sorry for her. What happened in Russia is so difficult that it does not even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Johaug, says Herberts i & # 39; w channel themselves.

Holopainen recalls that he did not believe that negative responses would be directed to Martin Johnsrud Sundby, or when the Norwegian went to the World Cup after he and Johaug released in touch cases before the 2017 season.

"He was responding, but he was a person who had made a poster," said Holopainen.

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