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– Fight against battle for all other football coaches who are entitled to the protection, respect and professional progression of their employer. This is a great respect, and it is my request that the training of colleagues across the country gives him credit and respect for the battle he now leads, ”said Teddy Moen, a Norwegian football manager in a written Monday.

Teddy Moen

RIGHT: The Norwegian Football Coaching Association's daily manager, Teddy Moen, believes that Rekdal is quite right to make a fight on Saturday.

Photo: Per-Kåre Sandbakk / NRK

It became a shock to most that Kjetil Rekdal had to exclude from the training post at Start Thursday. The Norwegian football training association believes that Start has dealt with the wrong situation and that Rekdal has done the right thing to ask as a coach when he received Start Aalesund on Saturday.

– Kjetil was his full right to stand in the position and exercise his duty duty. Of course, not everyone liked or respected this choice, we must respect. But it doesn't change the fact that Kjetil didn't do it illegally, says Moen on the association's website.

Get help from a sports lawyer

Gunnar-Martin Kjenner is a retired lawyer and former sports lawyer. It's about the case based on how the media has been handled. We believe that Kjetil Rekdal has every right to work.

– Rekdal started to stop it and deprive it of the chance to work. It is not the law of the working environment for such matters. Start has not dealt with formal rules, Kjenner said to NRK.

Hearing in the drug case against Therese Johaug, January 2017.

REKDAL SUPPORT: Gunnar-Martin Kjenner, a former sports lawyer, believes that Rekdal is sitting on good cards in this case.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scan

– When an employer breaks the formal rules, he doesn't say that the worker is sitting with the best cards, the former sports lawyer says.

We believe that this case, along with the Rosenborg kick this summer, is a step back in terms of football coach rights.

– I am afraid that we are in a trend where the formal rules are not yet respected, Know to NRK.

– As the case was introduced in the media, the case of Rosenborg appears to have already caused the effects of infection.

NRK has been in contact with Kåre Ingebrigtsen who lost her job as Rosenborg coach this summer. He does not wish to comment on this issue.

A meeting must be held

According to VG, there was a long list of complaints about Rekdal by the support agency at Start, which is why it was deprived of the training post.

1 split in football 2019: Start - Aalesund.

NO NUMBER: Kjetil Rekdal said in a press release that the exemption has become a clear light of air.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB scanpix

Rekdal believes herself that he did not know the reason before the club declared in a press release that the cause of personnel had to be established. According to the instructor, it became a lightning from clear air.

The club itself emphasizes that it is not a deterrent. So Rekdal believes that he can continue to act as a coach. Something he did when Start lost the opening match against Aalesund in the OBOS league on Saturday. This is despite the fact that the board Start believes that duo coach Joey Hardarson and Andreas Jensen to lead the battle.

The players have received training without Monday and Rekdal have agreed that Hardarson and Jensen will lead the session on Tuesday.

Start will hold a discussion meeting on Tuesday. The Chairman of the board Start, Monica Grimstad, writes in an SMS to NRK that is not yet clear where the meeting will take place.

DROE HOME: Kjetil Rekdal refused to talk to NRK after Saturday's match.

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