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Fears that ADHD children have received the wrong diagnosis – NRK Hedmark and Oppland – Local news, television and radio


Researchers at the Norwegian Public Health Institute have read the records of 549 children under 12 who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

In four out of ten records, there was an inconsistency between the diagnosis given and what was written about the child in the magazine.

"We can not confirm that these children do not have ADHD, but what we read in magazines show that they do not fit the diagnosis criteria," said the doctor and & # 39; the researcher Paul Surén.

Pål Surén

RESEARCH: Permanent Surin and ten other researchers have read the medical records for children with ADHD. Many probably would not have been diagnosed.

Photo: Ola Hana / NRK

Doctors diagnosed with the diagnosis often investigate other possible explanations when a child shows signs of hyperactivity, stimulus and concentration difficulties, according to the report.

When scientists compare professional environments, there seems to be great differences that can only be explained by the different views about where a list of ADHD diagnosis should be added.

In Western Agder, only 1.4 per cent of children have diagnosed at 12 years of age. In Hedmark, the figure is nearly four times as high, 5.5 per cent.

Get the most out of diagnosis in the country

BUP on Hamar welcomes children from the surrounding area with difficulties that may show ADHD.

Head of BUP department Hamar, Ingvild Aasen

ACCOUNTABLE: Ingvild Svenkerud Aasen in BUP in Hamar says they can improve when he comes to ADHD diagnostics.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Here they investigate and map the problems, talk to the children, with parents and teachers and carry out tests. Then they evaluate the diagnosis and make a treatment plan. Some of the children take medication.

Ingvild Svenkerud Aasen, head of BUP Hedmark, is aware that they are among the most diagnosed ADHD in the country. The danger is that they end with ADHD before other thorough investigations have been examined, he said.

She tells them they are now working targeting to improve.

– Diagnosis of ADHD is optional. Disorders and concentrations disorders are something that many children have, without ADHD.

Professionals fight

The psychologist and former children's advisor, Reidar Hjermann, believe that many children are diagnosed with ADHD in Norway today.

Reidar Hjermann, psychologist

REIDAR HJERMANN: – ADHD diagnosis can cover difficult things in children's lives.

Photo: John-André Samuelsen / NRK

He even knows examples that the professionals believed were the symptoms of ADHD, later testing of trauma after violence.

– ADHD diagnosis can cover difficult things in children's lives. Responsible adults should focus on disclosing what is happening at home rather than looking for what's in place with the child.

Diagnosis on the wrong basis can give great results to the children, says Hjermann. They can put them in stalls, affect their self-esteem and if the diagnosis hangs on them, it may later prevent them from some positions with high security clearance.

Apart from, medicines can have side effects, in some cases children become more "flat".

"In a few decades, we will look back at the time in which we live now, as a time when we bothered a large proportion of children's populations, and gave them a diagnosis that created more problems than they could help. I'm convinced, says Hjermann.

Shan Arve

PILLAR CHILDREN: Ritalin is one of the medicines used when other relief measures are inadequate.

Photo: Lars Erik Skrefsrud / NRK

Call for clearer guidelines

Researchers of the National Public Health Institute believe that professionals around the country need clearer or today's guidelines about that must be in place for ADHD diagnosis.

"ADHD is generally a diagnosis that is challenging in silence. It's even more important that you are careful at the investigation," said Surén Paul.

It does not know if everything is too much for ADHD diagnosis today, saying that children with severe difficulties with hyperactivity and concentration failure have a good effect on medication and other measures.

"We're concerned that the diagnosis is being used correctly and that's the right kids that get it," said Surén.

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