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Equinor – Equinor boss out against drill opponents:


Horse plans for drilling in Australia gave the thoughts in the kitchen. When Eldar Sætre's Equinor manager gives an answer to action.

FORNEBU (Nettavisen Economics): – There is a lot of opinion about the drilling in Australia, but we see that the views received are carried forward with very strong instruments. We are trying to introduce as many facts as we can, Equinor, Eldar Sætre said to Nettavisen, on the company's quarterly presentation on Tuesday.

Nettavisen Økonomi has written in front of major demonstrations among local people against the Ranger's plans for exploration drilling in Australbukta. In 2017, then Statoil secured two drilling licenses outside Australia, after the giant oil BP pulled back. Equinor recently introduced an environmental scheme for the exploration of an spring well, which provided the thoughts of fishermen, the tourism industry and indigenous people in the neighborhood.

Among other things, Equinor published a map showing the worst result of 100 different possible oil spills of drilling. He was taken seriously by the environmental movement to income for their cause.

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Greenpeace resistance

Greenpeace was among other things early in its interpretation of the report, and announced, among other things, that the project could provide oil on world famous Bondi Beach.

However, Sætre believes that the map and the Equinor plans have been completely misunderstood by the environmental movement.

– Some picture is taken that is not based on facts. For example, the map, which we have been asked to submit by the government, shows what can happen if 100 different emissions occur at the same time and have not faced counter-measures for more than 100 days. It is very little reality, he said.

We believe that drilling exploration is completely environmentally sound, despite the violent opposition from the environmental movement.

– It is far from land. Here are the things we have done in Norway for many years and we are very comfortable with them, says Sætre who stresses that many in Australia are supporting the drilling.

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– We see that there is widespread political support in Australia locally at state and national level. We have a highly qualified regulator and set strict requirements. There are many different views about this, Sætre said.

It will be more environmentally friendly

In the quarterly presentation, Sære stressed that Equinor should be more environmentally friendly.

– The demand for a fossil industry must be reduced and we at Equinor must bring good alternatives out. We drive the focus on new energy solutions, but that's not enough. We also have to produce the gas and oil the world needs with leaks as low as possible. We have taken decisive action to achieve this, says Sætre.

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It is noted that Equinor has said it should emphasize all oil projects against the Paris agreement and the goal of global warming under two percent.

DRAWING CARD: This map shows the results of 100 oil spills in Australia Bay if Equinor is to be tested.
Photo: Equinor

– Oil and gas production is part of the climate problem and so we have to be part of finding the solution. This means that we will emphasize our projects against the two-grade goal.

However, it is careful to say exactly what it will mean in practice.

– We will make reflections on our portfolio when we have a full scenario. Where is we going back, says Equinor boss.

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