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Enthusiastic when Tesla shows his latest model in Norway


– Can you take a baby vehicle behind? How much do they cost with the errors on this? How long is it on the four wheel drive model? Does the production go as and when can I order the car right?

There were many people and even more questions when Tesla today showed that he published Model 3 in Norway for the first time.

And those present seemed to be proud of what they saw. Images were taken to snapchat and instagram, many video nuts shared with friends and acquaintances.

Sit inside the car for a quick minimalist and large screen desktop review, which applies for half an hour in accordance. At least. But there were many standing up and waiting patiently, with no serious mines for that reason.

Many had already booked the car, it's probably others would see it and touch it first to find out what it is. But Tesla could identify a number of new doubts today, there is little doubt about the suspicion.

The first comes early in 2019

Roland's Sandvold Day at Tesla was a busy day at work today. Illustrated image of Scanpix
Roland's Sandvold Day at Tesla was a busy day at work today. Illustrated image of Scanpix

– Puh … says very satisfied Even Sandvold Roland, who is the director of public relations and communication in the Norwegian importer, while some sweaters disappear before.

– This is fun! In fact there was a queue outside when I got to work today, early at an early stage. We were ready for this to raise curiosity, but this is much more than expected. Well, we have this car for two weeks, he says

He asked how much Tesla Model 3 was retained here he looks at us and answers: much. Very much.

The first customers who set aside this will be cars early in 2019. It's approaching …

– Yes, we are looking forward to starting the supplies. If not very long, we also open for ordering the car, not just suspicions. Then we will be able to deal with what many people think. In fact Norwegian
price and European range.

If you have not yet ordered the car, you may have to wait for some waiting time.

– Yes, we're talking about 12-18 months now, it's a bit dependent on battery packaging and stuff items, says Sandvold Roland

Tesla was killed – they did not make anyone else here

The queue came inside the car half an hour.
The queue came inside the car half an hour.

Mark a bit to the competitors

It also adds that the interest in the Tesla Model 3 is more than ever. The appearance of new and strong competitors, such as Audi's e-ors, Mercedes EQC and Jaguar I-Pace have no impact on interest
around the car

– No – almost the opposite. I believe that competitors are customer focused and that everyone who deals with electricity cars in this segment benefits from it. There is still the Big Tesla Model X that sells the best of models, but with
Model S is backbone. We look forward to having a slightly cheaper variation in our range. Model 3 in a segment is slightly different than S and X, but still has two good range and good performance.

– By the way, we have had lots of nice feedback today. Many think it's even more prevalent than the pictures they've seen. Here's how everyone looks forward to working here, and Sandvold Roland ends before he's hurried

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