Friday , May 27 2022

EFTA Court for Kristoffersen case – EFTA Court does not fully complement any party


"The decision can not be read as a full victory for any of the parties, and it is likely that both sides will find moments that they will develop further in the main discussion," he said Bjørn Immonen, lawyer and sports law specialist and competition, to NRK.

"The arrangement of a national sports federation with pre-management and consent to individual sponsorship agreements can be a restriction on the athlete's freedom of absence," EFTA Court writes in its judgment on Thursday.

The court also writes that individual sports federations can exercise discretion when committing to individual sponsorship agreements.

However, as the EFTA Court believes that this is an economic activity and that restrictions can not be implemented without further action, Immonen of the opinion that Kristoffersen can be the one who has the greatest reason to be satisfied with & # 39; r ruling.

Kristoffersen has joined the Norwegian Ski Federation after being rejected to install his private red Bull logo on the helmet.

The reason for the nuisance is that the place has already been sold to the official sponsor of the national team, Telenor.

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