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Ed Sheeran: – – I was bullied every day


Artist Ed Sheeran (28) has had a comedy career since the first album in 2011. She has traveled the world several times, sold millions of records and made film music.

The music has been made steep, and in 2015, for example, financial magazine Forbes reported that Sheeran had won a staggering $ 57 million, or NOK 485 million.

However, breeding Sheeran in England was not a dance of roses.

Especially school time was difficult, as fellow pupils bullied him every day, writing Contact Music.

– Without anything before the music

This tells the song itself in an interview with DJ Nihal and rapper Dave in connection with the Love Music Hate Racism campaign.

– I really hated the elementary school; I shout every day. I have red hair, so I was constantly worried about the day I started at school. I was red, stuttered and using huge glasses, I remember, according to the website.

It also did not help that he was also poor in sport.

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– The primary school that I went on was pretty sport, and I was not good at sports. If you were good in football then you were cool. I wasn't good at football.

When Sheeran started a secondary school, things eventually changed to Britain. Here he had his eyes on the music.

– I started playing guitar and joined a band. Music is one of the things that can give you confidence.

– Suddenly it felt like "Wow, I'm really good at something". I had nothing before I took a guitar.

Going down on a knee

Since 2015, Ed Sheeran has been a lover with Cherry Seaborn hockey athlete (27). The duet met for the first time when they went to the secondary school together, but they didn't start any relationship until years later.

In January last year, the 28-year-old revealed that they had engaged.

– Get me fancy just before the New Year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are also very happy, and shared on Instagram the time.

In an interview with Access last summer, the world-famous singer took a bit of a strange comment, which meant that more people were also convinced that Ed and Cherry were married in secret.

It was a matter of how the wedding plans went to Ed responding with a strange silence.

At the same time, he made a meaningful gesture with his hand, and so the journalist became aware of the circle he had on his finger.

– Oh, is that true? It's exciting, says the journalist.

– Yes, Sheeran replied.

The journalist went to bed completely and congratulated the artist on the great news, without a real clear answer whether or not he was married.

– How did you marry without being noticed?

"Well, I don't really do anything in public," Sheeran replied.

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