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E24 for a 5G launch in Kongsberg: – We have been preparing for 5G for several years – Telenor – Digital


"In Telenor, we have been preparing for 5G for several years, and now we can share the latest technology with families and businesses at Kongsberg technology library. Now, we're looking forward to testing and learning as much as possible with & # 39 ; r pilot customers, "said Sigve Brekke, CEO of Telenor.

This week, Telegiganten opened the first 5G network in Scandinavia. However, it's not a full commercial launch, because Telenor thinks it will happen in 2020.

The current network that has been changed is used as a pilot to test 5G technology, both technically and commercially, in collaboration with several partners.

One of them is Applied Autonomy, the start-up company that provides control systems for self-propelled vehicles. Five Kongsberg families have also included in the test.

This week's episode of the E24 podium, the head of Olav Madland Applied Autonomy, tells us how to test and use the web. CEO, Sigve Brekke and Ingeborg Technology Director Øfsthus in Telenor talk about the new mobile technology, what they are now testing and how to win 5G – will you need big investments the years to come.

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There are three advantages mainly of 5G over the previous mobile technologies that we know as 4G and 3G:

Here's how a 5G router from Huawei looks. Telenor has provided five families in Kongsberg to test how 5G works as a technology to provide very fast wireless broadband at home.
Here's how a 5G router from Huawei looks. Telenor has provided five families in Kongsberg to test how 5G works as a technology to provide very fast wireless broadband at home.
  • speed: Although Telenor believes they can provide about 70 megabits the second in the grazing speed in the 4G network today, the 5G network can supply 1,000 megabits per second fast
  • response: Although it takes some fraction of the second to see the signals on mobile networks today, it is almost immediately with 5G. It enables you to use the technology to control vehicles or military robots, which must be controlled with accuracy
  • splicing: The mobile network can be shared in multiple layers. This means, for example, that emergency services can have a full capacity and response in their network, even in a festival area with thousands of enthusiastic mobile users

In addition to the technological benefits only, splicing allows mobile companies to put money on new roads, for example, not only paying for the amount of data packaged. One can imagine that mobile operators will be able to charge extra for those who want to keep network capacity or have a particularly low response time.

The business models we really do not see is one of the mobile tops that will predict so much about the public at the moment.

The technology is still developing

At present, Telenor has set up three 5G base stations in Kongsberg, about 1.5 kilometers apart.

They operate at relatively high frequency (3.5 and 1.8 gigahertz), which provide good ability but a relatively short range of signs. In the future, you seem to use a lower frequency that uses you elsewhere in the cell network.

Although US Verizon this autumn has launched a 5G wireless wireless service in some US cities, technology is still under development.

"The standards are still evolving and we have to work a bit to get all the tools we needed for this pilot test," said Telenor's new technology director, Ingeborg Øfsthus , during the event.

For example, there are no mobile phones that really support 5G, so Telenor, Verizon and other players are now modules and modules that provide pure data connectivity only through the 5G network.

"We anticipate that handhelds will be available by the end of 2019, but we find that mobile manufacturers are still bringing news," he said.

According to the technology director, the 5G network also requires a significant upgrade of the core network, ie the infrastructure behind each base station, although major investments in fiber and infrastructure already have been # 39 ; do it in connection with the construction of the 4G network.

Europe's fears come back

In line with predecessor Jon Fredrik Baksaas, Sigve Brekke is also worried that Europe will end in the technology race that is constantly in the mobile industry.

Although Baksaas noted how the smartphone (and especially the iPhone delivery) helped the US mobile industry take a big step forward and passed Europe, Brekke asked that the more fragmented European industry should do the same something in terms of 5G.

"We are putting Europe's light at risk compared to Asia and the US, so it's important that we are in the process of testing how this new technology can be used," he said. Brekke in Kongsberg.

During the 5G launch in Kongsberg, the chief head of Telenor said, among other things, that the markets in the United States and Asia are characterized by fewer larger players with large-scale regions and financial muscles, while the European market is more shared and characterized by the fact that there are many more mobile companies.

Therefore, it will also make a great effort to spray Telenor and the Nordic region.

As well as the test in Kongsberg, Telenor will also be running two pilot trials in the Oslo area sometime in 2019.

Telenor has also won a call from the EU, which, in collaboration with British BT and Spanish Telefonica, will carry out tests and exchanges experiences of a number of 5G tests across Europe.

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