Tuesday , November 24 2020

Direct BT: Accident climbing on Askøy

Emergency services report that mounter should have dropped a cliff of about 30 meters in the Steinrusten on Askøy.

– We received a message in 15.11 that a person climbing a mountain wall had decreased. We moved out with other emergency services, and the injured person is now under medical treatment and is being raised by an air ambulance, "said Arve Samsonsen's operations manager in the Western Police Area at 15.45.

The size of damage to date is unknown.

– A man who has fallen down a cliff of about 30 meters in a hiking place between Erdalsveien and Kolbeinsvarden on Askøy. No matter how steep it is, we do not know anything again, says guardian supervisor Ole Jakob Hartvigsen at the 110 centers.

First, the fire service said this was a 15-meter reduction, but soon it was upgraded to 30 meters.

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