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Castle: Following the marketing

Märtha Louise with her love shaman Durek Verrett. Photo: Frode Hansen

The castle will be in a dialogue with the princess.

– We keep an eye on the argument and what is being said, and we'll discuss it with the princess involved in marketing her business, writing communication manager Guri Varpe t in email to NRK.

Princess Märtha Louise: Don't want to say the princess's title

Princess Märtha Louise and the shaman Durek Verett announced their love for Instagram on Monday, and since then they have created headlines in the Norwegian press and abroad.

The criticism led to the parish council turning – and so the couple had to move the lecture they were supposed to hold in St. John's church. Petri in Stavanger.

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The Consumer Authority will follow the Märtha journey and the shaman lecture

The self-appointed shaman has also claimed to have been diagnosed with incurable kidney disease which led to his death and to be born again. It has also claimed that it can rotate atoms.

On Sunday, Märtha Louise and Durek Verrett will be on tour in Copenhagen with "The Princess and The Shaman".

The royal house wants a distance to the princess's commercial business. This is explained by the communications manager as follows: t

– The reason why Princess Märtha Louise did not have to be titled since 2002 Her royal ambition was to create more distance from official royal family business. This decision facilitated the princess's ability to join the labor market and to conduct her own business activities. As a result of the decision, the princess of 2002 did not take part, and to a lesser extent than previously assumed official duties on behalf of the royal house. We decide on the princess's own business activities, explaining Varpe to NRK.

The case is still underneath the picture.

IN NORWAY: Märtha Louise welcomed her boyfriend in Gardermoen. Photo: Tore Kristiansen / VG

On Thursday, Fædrelandsvennen wrote in a management situation that this is the case that Märtha Louise is very fond of, but that it is about the whole community when both use her title in a commercial business.

The royal house will not answer NRK if it is relevant to the king taken from the title of Princess Märtha Louise. However, the princess has said that she has not considered saying the title.

Watch the video about the princess talking about using her princess's title: t

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