Monday , April 12 2021

Brokerage Advice: These five reasons increase the value of your home

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Five tips to increase housing value.

The expert: Carl O. Geving

education: Law at the University of Oslo

Jobs like: Managing Director of the Norwegian Real Estate Association

1. Install an extra wall

"If the floor plan permits, it may be worth installing a light wall to divide a large room in two small rooms," said Geving, explaining:

– You will be able to attract more buyers if there is more apartment with bedrooms: It will then apply to families with children, one that purchases to share housing costs with others, potentially investors See more potential for renting, etc. It is difficult to estimate how much this may mean in dollars and a penny, but more stakeholders in a bid circle will usually mean a significantly higher price.

Make sure the new rooms meet the requirements for living rooms, and remember that the measure is mandatory.

2. Template

– Cotton on walls and ceilings can pay, ideally in light and neutral colors. Bright colors often make the room more spacious. New painted walls give a better overall impression, and show that you can move properly without having to load huge costs immediately.

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3. Treat surfaces after breaking

"To break down the floor can pay. For example, if the kitchen and / or bathroom are tired, you can change the work, cabinets and cabinets. It costs a little and rises the impression. It might also be good to put tile or similar between the work and the upper cover.

4. Insert fireplace

– Insert fireplace if you have the opportunity. It usually pays. Wooden burning stove can cost 15,000 kroner and above. There are no formal requirements for the person who will create a new fireplace, but the Fire Department recommends the use of qualified installers. On the other hand, new fireplaces are required to be reported to the borough and fairyards, "notes Geving.

In this way, you will avoid molding and fungi in the shower

5. Building a balcony

– Do you have the opportunity to build a balcony? Do that. As a rule, you will return to the investment. The total price of a balcony starts around 100,000 chronium and above. The price depends mainly on the size and if there is more in the yard that will have a balcony built at the same time. It is difficult to estimate an increase in just value, but if you have a balcony, you will usually increase the value by hundreds of thousands.

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