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Bjørg was Marie Skeisvoll Here (67) killed in Haugesund


CASE MEETING: Bjørg Marie Skeisvoll was 67 years old. Photo: Private

During a Tuesday visit to place flowers on a family grave at Haugesund, Bjørg Marie Skeisvoll was attacked in the first place. From Wednesday to Wednesday he died in the hospital from the injuries.


According to Skeisvoll Here, who retired two months ago, he has worked as a teacher in senior secondary schools in Asker and Bærum over the last 40 years.

The 67-year-old was living in Bærum.

Tell us

He grew up in Karmøy and owned a house in Haugesund where she was waiting for a long time.

The counsel of his family, Benedicte Storhaug, tells VG that the family is in grief and asks for peace and respect.

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A woman died in her 60's after attacking the cemetery

– The family are very hard. They are in deep grief after unfortunately and occasionally slaughter. A whole chick, which can not be prepared for it, says Storhaug.

He says that the 67-year-old is in the cemetery on Tuesday afternoons because she is going to visit the family grave and get married. Among other things, he would give flowers down. On the same occasion she had her with the dog.

THE CRIME: The 48-year-old, who is here on earth with a policeman over, was arrested shortly after the dirty attack. Photo: Tip

Random victim

In the cemetery it was badly assaulted by a 48-year-old man. Witnesses came to the place quickly and they were notified by the police. When they arrived, they found a wheel near the critically injured women.

He was transported quickly to hospital, but life was not saved. From Wednesday to Wednesday he died of the injuries.

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Want the accused to be accepted to a psychiatric

On Wednesday afternoon, the 48-year-old man, who was arrested shortly after the incident, was accused of murder. The police believe that the woman is a casual victim.

During questioning, the accused was asked if he or she recognized the murder. He has not answered that so far. According to prosecutor Erik Lea, he is very mentally ill.

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Neighbors heard crying and screaming

– It was asked if he recognizes a penalty, but he does not answer the question at all. He did not say anything that was relevant to the incident, said Lea to VG on Wednesday.

Forensic psychiatric examination

In a press release, the police are writing on Thursday that they have sent a court application to appoint experts to carry out a forensic psychiatric examination of accused.

At a prison meeting held at Haugesund District Court for 13 hours and today, the police will ask for custody for four weeks.

OUR ORDER OF AUDIT: This is the murder incident. Photo: Tip

In the press release, the South West police force also writes that they can confirm that the 48th before the murder attempts to break into a house near his own home. The murder victim does not have an association with this event.

The police do not want to say anything about how the accused removed from the house to the cemetery.

They also do not want to comment on the queries made by the man yesterday, but say that there are no more queries planned for this week. However, new references are made. Surveys and tactical and technical surveys will also be carried out.

After being pulled by the police

The killer man, to a large extent, knew about the police in Haugesund. He was convicted of 20 times and in 1998 was shot in the stomach during a police case where he referred to a gun against police officers.

His first opinion was already in 1986. He had only 15 years of age.

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Having judged over 20 times and shot by the police

Looking back, the man is convicted of various offenses, including violence and threats. According to VG judge, he has been drug addict for 12-15 years.

In 2014, he was sentenced for an electric truck car. When the police stopped him for control, he gave a gas and drove straight to a police officer who had to throw himself to one side to avoid being hit. The police took the hunt, and during the journey it was measured at 92 km / h in 50 zones.

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