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Bengt-Owe Gustafsson awarded "Viking Sky": – Do his best


Saturday the cruise ship "Viking Sky" had to send a day out notification due to problems with the engine.

In six-to-eight meter high waves, it ran 227 meters and 47,800 tons of uncontrolled heavy vessels into bass Hustadvika, where it is only 5 meters deep.

There were 1373 people on board and having to experience the play closely. Pictures of the interior show the chaotic scenery aboard the cruise ship.

– I was afraid

Behind the levers Bengt-Owe Sweden Gustafsson, who according to Sweden Yle, has worked in Viking Cruises since 2017. Dagbladet has recently tried to contact him, without luck.

CAPTAIN: Bengt-Owe Gustafsson was the ship's captain. Photo: Private
CAPTAIN: Bengt-Owe Gustafsson was the ship's captain. Photo: Private
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His wife, Jenny Anne Gustafsson, tells Dagbladet that she has followed the play of her home in Finland. They married in 2011 and met when both worked in Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.

– I was afraid and had been very concerned. He was a girlfriend who told me that the ship had problems – and when I saw the size of the waves, I understood the severity. I was sitting up through the night and hoping for the best, he said.

She says she has contacted her husband, who said, "Don't worry. We have to leave and everything is under control."

– Proud

Gustafsson says she is sitting up the stairs and watching the news that the night ship is in Hustadvika. She then approached her husband at 4pm and told them that they had returned parts of the engine's capacity, that she had managed to lie down.

She herself has worked on cruise ships, and has proved that the emergency signal has gone. It was then part of a rehearsal, but without it being illuminated on the table.

– Quickly panic in such a situation, so it's so quiet that the crew managed to deal with it.

We don't know when the man is returning from Norway. It's still on the “Viking Sky”.

– I am very happy that it has gone as well as it did. I'm very proud of it. He did what he had to do and did his best. Usually we tell our son that they should do their best at all times. He showed him now, he said.

Carry out investigations

He has been criticized that the ship had taken the road through Hustadvika during the Saturday storm. Hustadvika is known to be one of Norway's most dangerous coasts. Parts of the criticism have come because Hurtigruta's captain has chosen to defer the same departure.

The Emil Heggelund Losolderman, however, has pointed out that Gustafsson had made the decision in accordance with the advice of the two cabins on the table, and that there was nothing to suggest that the cruise ship should not cross Hustadvika.

– There should be no problems with joining ships of this type. It's done every day. The truth is that the situation has arisen, not because of the boat, but because of the machines, says Heggelund.

DRAMA: Here are the pictures of the pilot's own dramatic rescue steps from "Sky Viking". Video: The main rescue center in Southern Norway
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Most Dagbladet passengers have talked to praise the crew on board the "Air Vikings", and believe that the situation has to be handled professionally and neatly.

Social security minister Ingvil Smines Tybring-Gjedde also praised the crew after the rescue operation.

The police, shipping company, Norwegian Maritime Directorate and the Accident Investigation Board will carry out surveys on the cruise ship to find out what went from its place. A representative of the shipping company, Matt Grimes, announced at a conference to the Monday night press that the ship would probably be in Molde a few days more.

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