Sunday , October 2 2022

Balloon: Storhamar meets Vipers in his first NM final


Sola had hit the elite teams of Larvik and Oppsal on her way to semifinals. It would be even an idea if Camilla Herrem and prisoners were also going to beat the serial leader and award Vipers as an NM winner.

The Lord did not find a good match for the European Championship on Tuesday, while Vipers had six full-time players in his squad, with Linn Jørum Sulland as a leader.

The home team finished initially, but Vipers managed to proceed with the 16-15 button leading during the break.

"We have to move our legs better, we've got too hard," said Vipers, coach Ole Gustav Gjekstad.

After breaks, the Vipers' girls rose on the legs and ran from 16-15 to 19-15. The team never looked back and left from the division team 1 on their way to a secure victory.

Herrem stopped for five goals, and Sunniva Næs scored eight goals to an evenly cozy Costume team.

Short process

Storhamar and Heidi Løke made a short process with Fredrikstad's plans for a trip to the Oslo Spektrum and the final in the Romans. Before he was played for 20 minutes, the Hamar team 11-3 led, and until cutting, the Arne Senstad crew was not up to 17-6.

In the second place, the guests did not escape the game, and eventually became a comfortable eight-year award for Storhamar.

Løke managed to reach seven out of nine shooting efforts in the first place. In the second round playing more equally, he scored only one for four other applications. In Fredrikstad, Andrea Rønning stopped six goals.

This is the first time for Storhamar to take the US final in handball. Vipers Kristiansand is his third final.

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