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Andrea Badendyck towards the Faroe Islands: – It's not one I want in my life


PLEIDLEISU ILTER: Irene Halle and Andrea Badendyck did not match the farm
PLEIDLEISU ILTER: Irene Halle and Andrea Badendyck did not match the farm "Farmen". Now the war continues. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2


Andrea Badendyck lost a Sunday fighting field and is out of the Farm. Now she stretches out on her "overkvinne". "She was a patron and was bad," he said.


After the men smoke consecutivewas that day the second game for women on the rap fall "Farm". Ultimately, Irene Halle, 35, was the longest straw in the ecstasy competition, and with that, the profitable blogger Andrea Badendyck, 23, is out of the reality program.

"It was cold, but I did not take it very hard. After all, I had been there for a long time, and I had come beyond what I thought I should do it before starting the recording. I had done a lot and started losing my family and home. So that's not the world, said Andrea to VG.

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– Educational

She is not secret that the relationship between the 23 year old blogger and the opponent Sunday, Irene Halle, is not very friendly. He made that wallpaper even worse to Andrea.

"It was the last one I wanted to lose and it was a bit dizzy. At the same time, Irene was the one who was afraid to fight in the end," said Andrea, who does not hide he does not have much to & # 39; s spario for Sunday opponent.

"Irene was sponsored and scared to me, simply Preachy. She also responded negatively not to eat meat. She was not right for her. We have" creaked "in many ways, as well as walking around and talk a little and be a bit nice, Andrea thinks.

Irene Halle: "I was very sorry at Andrea

According to the "Farms" participant, they tried to mess on the farm through a chat for 30 minutes. He worked badly.

"The problem is that Irene does not succeed in seeing how she supports me. We only disagree, says the blogger, you do not need to clean up the air with the competitor either outside.

"I do not worry, it's not one I want in my life anyway. I'm bringing those who think they are good people in 2018.

Irene Halle does not recognize in Andrea's plays.

"I was very tired at Andrea, but that's why I thought she was lazy, that's not her fault when we had lived two different lives. I do not think that I play feelings other people to get the game right. Everyone in the yard knew she was trying to turn Nikolai and Kjetil around her little finger to not be chosen, she told VG.

– Must eat to survive

Irene thinks she's trying to care for the competitor repeatedly.

– I could invite her room when she was alone, because I knew she was dark. I do not think it's right for someone to fear.

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– Andrea thinks you're critical that you do not eat meat?

"Being a vegetarian is convenient and fashionable and is also naive to believe it is about animal protection. In the big picture, the environment we mainly save by eating less meat, she believes .


"Being a vegetarian in 2018 is fine, then you have the choice to choose. There are lots of hits there and I do not hate vegetarians for that reason, but when you join Farmer, I mean you do not have a choice. Then you have to eat to survive.

– Pity

She thinks that Andrea has taken the discussions that arose as a personal assault.

– I have friends that I can discuss without being unfamiliar for that reason. It must be allowed to express my opinion and values ​​that are on the other end without having to be stuck with anyone.

The 35-year-old, who lives in Stjørdal, claims she does not think Andrea.

"I have also told her to be in another world where we do not work and live with each other, we'd have a good match. It's too bad that I can not see the same thing.

"I believe it goes under its age to comment as it is. I just say that on your own that you know others. I wish a lot of happiness for Andrea in my I'm still alive, I'll survive, "said Irene Halle to VG.

When we give war the order of a set: According to the following, after the "Farmen" roots, Andrea Badendyck received a warm and well-known combination with & # 39; to dear.

– It was absolutely incredible! Inside the yard, I thought a lot about how he went with them and just seeing them and hearing the voices and those I loved was quite beautiful, he told VG .

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