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American Media: Breaking between Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka


ANIMALS: Paris Hilton received an actor ring of 16 million worth.
ANIMALS: Paris Hilton received an actor ring of 16 million worth. Photo: Mark Blinch / Reuters


One month after the engagement, the billionaire and the actor are separated.


There are several American media, among other things TMZ ac Fox News, breaks the unknown couple.

Heir hotel Paris Hilton (37) to actor Chris Zylka (33) Engage in Januaryafter the Hilton was paved with a 20-carat pearl-shaped diamond worth 16 million kronorr.

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A famous family began for Halloween

Now the engagement must be broken. Hilton was the one who closed the relationship, reports TMZ. Sources near the couple say that the relationship ends just a few weeks ago.

according to website will the billionaire have realized that Zylka was not the right anyway, and that the relationship was getting too fast. Hilton hopes that they can continue with the relationship as friends and wish Zylka the best, writing TMZ.

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Paris Hilton collapsed to engage with 16 million kroner

The friery, held in Aspen, was recorded in the Paris Hiltons Instagram account.

– So happy and excited to be part of my life's love. My best friend and my dad's soul. Perfect for me in every way. So dedicated, faithful, loving and kind. I feel like the lucky girl in the world! You are my dream that has come true! Thanks for showing me there are adventures, Hilton wrote in Instagram.

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Paris Hilton said yes

The hotel's heritage became familiar through the "Simple Life" reality series. Chris Zylka is an American actor and model. Hilton and Zylka will have met for the first time in the Oscar party nine years ago, but the couple came first together two years ago, according to People.

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