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Amazing, Wholesale Seven years ago, Magnus Wanberg noticed something in his colleagues. Now his invention is celebrated all over the world.


Amazing 2 has been named one of the top 100 innovations in 2020. Now the company is behind explosive growth.

American news magazine Time Magazine is behind the award.

Amazing 2 is among the products voted best productivity, and in all categories, there are 100 new innovations in 2020 that are on the list.

– It’s really fun, says founder and CEO Magnus Wanberg (36) at Remarkable to Nettavisen.

In the video at the top of the case, you can see Wanberg showing and telling about the product.

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Focuses on productivity

Remarkable was launched in 2016. Three years earlier, Wanberg came up with the idea for the device after seeing how colleagues still prefer to write notes on paper, even though they have smartphones and laptops available.

Since then, they have launched two writing boards for notes and drawing – which should feel like ordinary paper. The second upgraded writing board was launched in March this year. This is what they have received great recognition for, not just in Time. Major websites such as American The Verge, Gizmodo and Mashable or British Techradar have also praised the product, despite some reservations, especially in relation to the high price, which is on par with Ipad.

Wanberg explains why he believes they have received recognition for the product’s productivity.

– We’re trying to create paper-inspired products, which give people more focus and focus – which in turn generates productivity, says Wanberg.

It explains that the product has all the benefits of paper, and the benefits of tablets – in the form that you can digitally share everything you do. But what they believe to be the disadvantages of regular tablets, they have weeded out, like apps and alerts from email and social media.

Unlike Apple

He thinks pen and paper is their biggest competitor, and he thinks their writing board is very different from Apple’s ipad.

– Ipad is a tablet-style computer, and has a luminous glass screen. We have a completely different surface, which feels like paper, and in practice there are completely different worlds, he explained.

– When you write on the iPad, it doesn’t give as good a thought as when you write on Remarkable, he claims.

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– How will you be able to compete against Apple, and get Norwegians to choose Incredible?

– We don’t offer anything that traps Apple at your toes. We do not regard them as a competitor, but as an important partner. You can download our app on the App store – all your documents are from Remarkable.

Loses money – bets internationally

In 2019, the company had operating revenue of NOK 368 million, and pre-tax profit of minus NOK 31.2 million.

– Everything is going according to plan. We invest and build the company, and last year we raised more than NOK 100 million from American investors, Wanberg said.

– When do you plan to make such money?

– This is not the most important thing now. Now the most important thing is to learn more about the customers in order to make better products, and build the company. The goal is to build a global technology company, then the money will eventually come, he said.

It won’t say anything about how long they plan to bet before they have to start making money.

New ones must be hired every week

Despite losses last year, the company is investing heavily.

They have grown from seven employees in 2016 to 130 employees in 2020. In 2021, they plan to employ one person a week.

– It is well suited for that – if not more. We have to build large equipment to be able to reach out internationally, says Wanberg.

Not only is it important to reach out to people all over the world, but they will also continue to develop the products and have enough employees working on the technology side.

– It will be exciting to see what the future holds, he said.

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On Tuesday, they opened their first pop-up shop in central Oslo, giving people the opportunity to try out their products.

They want to reach more people, and so see the benefit of having a physical store. Remarkable has also collaborated with Elkjøp in the Nordic region.

However, it is uncertain how long they will have the popup shop.


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