Friday , May 27 2022

A rare oil day on the Oslo Stock Exchange


A substantial drop in oil prices contributed strongly to fall on Tuesday on Oslo Børs. The main index came to an end to 1.3 per cent to 875.43, while the turnover was 5.5 billion.

So far this year, the stock market has risen by 7.5 per cent.

The companies listed on Oslo Børs were valued around the NOK 46 billion. Then the fall from the top of the 25th of September has reached 270 billion.

oil prices

Oil prices throw down, for the 12th day in a row! Brent oil reduces 3.8 percent to $ 67.49 barrel while US WTI oil decreases by 4.2 per cent to $ 57.43 barrel.

In comparison, a barrel of North Sea oil was traded for the $ 71.20 barrel in the Oslo Stock Operator on Monday.

The stock exchanges in New York fell sharply on Monday night and a Twitter twitter message from Donald Trump helped reduce the price of oil down.

OPEC was on Tuesday with a new monthly report. It is estimated that the average crude oil production for OPEC countries is 32.90 million banned per day in October 2018 – 127,000 barrels a day higher than the previous month.

The figures in today's report emphasize why Saudi Arabia and other OPEC members talk about breaking production and, according to Bloomberg, claim their cause for cutting a significant production at the OPEC meeting in Vienna on December 6.

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oil shares

Oil extracts have lost. Equinor is not common for climbing 4.3 percent to 203.30 kroner. This equates to the total value of NOK 31 billion. Stock turnover was 1.1 billion NOK.

DNO left 10.3 per cent to 14.33 kroner, while Aker BP dropped 2.7 percent to 249 kroner.

Term gains

The earnings reports are still flowing. Here you will see all our results.

DOF result

The DOF left 7.5 percent to 5.81 kroner after the third quarter figures showed red numbers. The NOK company lost 269 million in the third quarter, up from a 26% NOK loss in the previous year.

Harassing well is not the prospects around the world.

"The board now expects executive profit before taxes, interest rates and depreciation in the fourth quarter to be slightly weaker than in the third quarter," I'll write in the Tuesday quarterly report.

Next Biometrics

Next Biometrics gave a small boost to the revenue, and again lost more than 40 million. He sent the stock news down 14.1 percent to 50 kroner.

Dril Awilco

Awilco Drilling suddenly slipped the top line and loses money. He sent the share down 6.5 percent to NOK 37.30.


The lack of Panoro Energy is growing. The stock ended 7.0 percent to 16.70 kroner.

Analysts at Sparebank 1 Markets upgrade their recommendation to Panoro Energy to buy. According to TDN Direkt, they are at the same time choosing to repeat their price target of 24 kroner.

"Although Panoro reports quarterly figures lower than estimates, investors believe that they should focus on the forthcoming production and the cash flow growth the company will report on the completion of a valuable acquisition of OMV Tunisia . Over the next few quarters, we expect the company to generate production and report on positive backup for Dussafu's license, writing a house and brokerage.

Recently, the company recovered a total of $ 30 million, which is equivalent to the NOK 255 million.

Among the tempted investors, we will find the investor Christen Sveaas, who is subscribed by Kistefos company shares for a total of 80 million NOKs, writing DN.

"We have been involved in the issue because we believe that this is a good investment in a company that we consider is attractive," said CEO Kistefos, Bengt A. Rem, to DN.

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