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A large-scale teacher strike avoided two hours before the deadline

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The teachers have to go to work as a normal Friday morning – without receiving a penny more than when the negotiations broke with KS earlier this spring. LO and YS received the offer of the employers before the settlement went to mediation. Already two hours before the closing date ended midnight on Friday, KS could announce that an agreement had to be made with the other two bodies, Unio and the academics.

– When two main societies have already received, salaries will be distributed. So we did this with realism. We have not received a penny for the groups we wanted more about, Handal Steaction in the municipality Unio to NTB soon after the agreement was a fact.

The parties have also agreed to put a committee down to find possible solutions to the recruitment challenges in the school system.

– The results for long-term taught teachers have not changed, but we are proud of the pay increase for posts with 3- and 4-year college education, including nurses and nursery teachers. , he said.

Avoid major strikes

The mediation deadline was set to midnight, and if no response was received, around 7,000 teachers would have hit from Friday morning. At worst, he could have passed the examination for students across the country.

The Labor director Tor Arne Gangsø at KS is pleased that the parties have managed to avoid this.

– During discussions and mediation, it is not possible to get a bag and sack. All parties must give and take. It has been difficult, but the important thing now is that an outcome everyone has joined with, says Gangsø.

The agreement has the same financial framework as the one who has already done with the borough of LO and the municipality of YS. It was within the front subject framework of 3.2 per cent, and by KS's actual pay increase for all urban workers.

– Unio has generally achieved a good outcome in the middle settlement. We have scored well for the occupations where women are dominated in the health sector, which has been important to us for a long time, Handal said.

The Norwegian Nursing Association (NSF) Unio-related also historically calls for the nurses in the municipality to have at least NOK 500,000 after ten years of seniority.

Continue in Oslo and the state

Alongside the mediation in the urban settlement, Thursday night was also mediation in the state. At that time, the parties had not reached any answer yet.

– Experience is quite unrealistic. I don't see that I would finish before midnight, but maybe, said the mediator Mats Wilhelm Ruland to NTB on Thursday night.

– There are two main themes that the parties have brought to mediation – finance and a pension question. We are not targeting anyone from the questions, but there has been a move from both sides in both areas. These are very difficult issues for the parties, he says.

Amongst state workers, there are currently 3,700 employees ready to be taken out on Friday mornings. The audience will probably notice this at the universities in Oslo, Bergen, Bodo and Oslo and Meet.

– For example, conflict could lead to examinations and censorship at the universities in Oslo, Bergen and Bodo, the negotiating leader Guro Elisabeth Lind announced in Unio last week.

Separate mediation is also planned for workers in the Oslo borough. This only applies to those who are organized through the academics. Otherwise there is an agreement in Oslo.

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