Monday , October 3 2022

Xbox announces a new studio cafe, showing Crackdown 3 multiplayer gameplay in XO18


Xbox has made a number of publications at its XO18 event in Mexico City, including the acquisition of another game developer yet.

The Microsoft company announced that it doubles the number of E3-owned studios this year by adding five more five – now Xbox entertainment has also been purchased.

The new content of the game was also downloaded in XO18, and it was reported that more than 10,000 supporters were present.

Multi-player gameplay for Breakdown 3 unveiled, along with new content for Only Case 4, The Shadow of the Tomb Raider, The Forza Horizon 4, The Battlefield V, The Devil May Cry 5, The Fly Jump, The The Thieves' Sea a Debit Condition 2.

Multi-play mode of Whistleblock Zone Breakdown 3 looking to focus on destroying the environment as two teams of five players fight each other with "superpowered skills and an arsenal of thriving-tastic weapons".

XO18 was present able to play Heart Hearts III before being released in January, and here is the first in the world to hear the news that the game will include Winnie the Pooh.

New games that are added to the Xbox Game Game Game line include PlayerUnknown Battlefields (ThePUBG), Hellblade: Offew Senua along with Orange and the Blind Forest.

Also, Xbox announced new titles added to its Xbox One compatibility catalog, including multiple Final Fantasy games a Civilization Revolution.

PlayStation, the primary competitor to Xbox, is usually argued as an annual event similar to XO18 of the name PlayStation Experience – but the Sony company is skipping & # 39; this year's event.


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