Thursday , September 29 2022

Volkswagen recognizes that it's appraised & # 39; R five billion golf …


The Volkswagen executive in Australia has admitted that the Wolfsburg brand "evaluated" the use of a five cylinder machine in R Role after a 2,5 liter prototype was once again seen at Nordsburch Nürburgring.

Speaking to Motor, Todd Ford, a product manager for the Australian Volkswagen, said that the German Automaker R department was "looking at new machines and technologies".

"There's a bit of a toolbar, consistently. Sometimes we are looking for other power sources so it's great for our market to get that drive for a larger performance product, just the region He is working on that, "said the executive at the Australian announcement.

"They're caring them, so they're just the only five cylinder machine as a large percentage of their work is to evaluate and look at new machines and technologies to see if there is a case business for giving something to the market.

"Certainly, there are no plans that we know about, but surely it's not just what they're going to evaluate in terms of different driving drives," he added.

Of course, the R400 Golf has never been done to produce, with erasing news (appearing in the hands of Dieselgate) making headlines back in April 2016. Subsequent reports suggested that it could be regenerated & # 39; r R400 Golf, but probably only in the eighth generation.

He suggested speculation earlier that VW could be cooking the special edition of Golf 7 hard golf to see the current generation. But if this is the case, Volkswagen runs out of time to introduce this swansong, what has a Golf 8 production to start in June 2019.

Article written by Ryan Bubear

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