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Unveiling the Ford Mustang 2018 fashion at KLIMS


The Ford Mustang 2018 lifting fashion is ready to make its Malaysian award very soon – Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC) has announced that the medium image (MCA) will be renewed to the S550 in the sixth generation Showcase at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) next week, with the 5.03 GT Orange Fury metal metallic fastback, see the shows of the show, and fly specially for the show.

Not to mention when the vehicle car has been updated will be sold here officially, but we know it comes, in the various formats according to 5.0L GT and 2.3L EcoBoost, as is the case previously. According to SDAC, orders for the car will start on KLIMS, and although prices have not yet been identified, it should not be far away from the pre-faced versions of the rest.

Announced in January last year, the s550 that has been expressed contains a number of external revisions as part of its update – the red, bumper and front fronts have been refilled, such as the boned, which now includes locked hooded vents.

The facial windows now include front-LED front lights as a standard, with a three-bar light series running during the day. There is also a signal fronting a LED front and a flashlight cluster. As for the back, the changes include the design of new three-bar LED, new bumper, tailor lamps, and a revised revised design configuration – EcoBoost receives dual tips, while there is a quad installation on the GT.

Meanwhile, the interior improves touch points and material for looking and feeling more premium. The center's console adds a new hand-piped wrap, with a push of contrast and padded knee bolts, while door handles, rings and bezels have now finished in aluminum.

Apart from the 8.0 inch display for the Sync 3 integration system, the Mustang cluster has a 12-inch LCD 12-inch digital instrument offering display modification for Normal, Sport and Track modes as well as color settings and measurement settings. The MyMode function, which allows driving locations, including prevention and navigation restraints, are stored. A new key tab is also part of the update.

No change to the engine line, keeping EcoBoost 2.3 liters and 5.0 liters Coyote V8, although both power and torque on the Coyote have increased, the improvements are to a degree Extensive application of dual fuel, high-pressure direct injection and a new gas fuel injection to the V8.

In the North American car version, the mill set 460 kilometers and 569 Nm, a small increase over the 435 kilometers and 542 Nm on the front face, but it's likely to be The car Malaysia specs get the 454 cp and 556 Nm as can be seen on the Australian version.

In the case of EcoBoost 2.3 liters, the unit does the same power as it is (310 kilometers), but the torch has fallen from 434 Nm from & # 39, up to 475 Nm. This is less on the Australian car car, which is 441 Nm.

The big change comes in the form of a partner transfer. The Ford 10R80, the 10-speed unit also seen on the Ranger Adapter, has replaced the old six-speed ZS-SelectShift 6R80 ZF-based six-speed unit. The automaker says that the new 10-speeder offers faster shift times, a much quicker response better and lesser friction losses.

It is also a Drag Strip mode, which eliminates the time lost when moving, and this joins Normal, Sport +, Track and Snow / Wet on the available driving mode list.

Mechanical improvements come in the form of upgrading to seats for better travel and handling – changes include new chocolates that offer better control of ride and cross-axle axis axis in the backbone to increase smooth strength . There is also a functional valve valve system, which is standard on the GT, which allows the empty note to be modified.

The KLIMS 2018 show – which was still in a bond warehouse location when these shots were taken, so you will have to excuse the protective belts – which is 5.0L GT at its premium level, such as which is designated by the content of the four-gang toggle switch pack for driving modules on the middle console.

The show car also includes a GT Performance package, as many elements are seen, although it looks, the complete package may only be items selected by words from the basket.

Items that contain them have 19-inch Ebony Black painted wheels as previously seen, which have now been wrapped in front 255/40 and tire 4S Sport Michel Pilot rear 275/40 (initially facing the GT with Pirelli P Zeros), and Brembo's six-piston front brakes, which are also seen on the pre-faced here. Other traces of the GT Performance package that make their way forward include front air rubbish and Engine Spun expression panel panel crash.

Delays suggest that this is not the entire package containing a black tooth paint and a silver bracket, and the tail on this one is completely without a piece of wing – While this is an item that has been deleted on the Pre-faced Performance package, it has now included in the new group specification, with the post-performance unit meant for the fastback.

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