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The second launch of Rocket Lab was postponed in 2019


Rocket Lab has postponed its second rocket launch in 2019.

The launch of the 18m high Electron rocket was due to take place at 6pm on Saturday from the company's Launch Complex on the Mahia Peninsula.

However, the company now says the launch will take place at 6pm on Sunday.

He was tweeted: "Standing from the launch today to conduct additional payload checks."

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This is the second launch of the Rocket Lab year, but the payload will be the heaviest it has dealt with more than 180kg.

The rocket will carry three satellites for US military projects.

The first is the Space Plug Architecture Research and Play CubeSat-1 (SPARC-1) sponsored by the US Spacecraft Research Laboratory of the US Air Force in a joint Swedish-US experiment to explore advances in miniature miniature technology.

Rocket Lab engineers are preparing the Rocket Electron for its second launch in 2019.


Rocket Lab engineers are preparing the Rocket Electron for its second launch in 2019.

The second is the Debital Falcon Debris Experiment (Falcon ODE), sponsored by the US Air Force Academy. It will evaluate space objects on the ground, such as space junk.

The third is Harbinger's commercial satellite built by York Space Systems to demonstrate the ability of an experimental commercial system to meet government space capacity requirements.

The York Space System website links to the website that Harbinger "is designed to test whether cheap commercial satellite with synthetic opening equipment can quickly deliver Earth images to soldiers".

Rocket Lab is a New Zealand private company, founded by Kiwi Peter Beck. It operates on the only commercial commercial launch site in the world, where the company can launch its Electron rocket up to 120 times a year.

The company gives a new name to each of its launch missions.

This mission is called "That 's a cactus that looks funny" with the mission badge showing Kiwi is chatting with a Roadrunner bird in the Arizona Desert, which is our goal for military clients. the mission.

Rocket Lab gives each one a strange name for their missions.


Rocket Lab gives each one a strange name for their missions.

Members of the public can see the launch by Wairoa District Council – a rocket launch spot has been allocated nearby, but usually Rocket Lab will flow from the launch so space enthusiasts can enjoy the event, with livestream starts 15 minutes before the rising time target of 6pm.

Once launched, it will take 8 minutes and 51 seconds to reach orbit.

Founder of Rocket Lab Peter Beck.


Founder of Rocket Lab Peter Beck.

Rocket Lab is unique in the world providing a frequent and reliable launch service for small satellites.

It now has a global team of more than 400 skilled engineers and technicians.

Investors in Rocket Lab include Khosla Ventures, DCVC (Data Collective), Bessemer Venture Partners, Future Fund, Greenspring Associates, ACC, K1W1, Promus Ventures and Lockheed Martin, who have been excluded from the NZ Big Fund for delivery. services to US military nuclear weapons capability.

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