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The same, but different: first editions 2019 Suzuki Vitara – Reviews


It was customary that every SUVuki SUV sang more or less of the same book songs of off road performance and rough charm.

But these days, the diversity of the Japanese carmaker of terra-firma tacklers reads less like a united group and more like some sort of small band; motoring – all in the same way, but at the same time corners different niches.

The Jimny is of course; the heart of the band is the most loyal to its roots. There are the Ignis and the S-Cross; the strange new members lacked advocacy. There is a Grand Vitara; band manager aged 15 is older than everyone else but desperately trying to stay in hip. And then the Vitara; the main singer.

The most exciting singer may not be on the charts, but nevertheless the Vitara is a SUV sales hero for Suzuki. And they have just released a new model for 2019, which went alongside the new Jimny at the manufacturer's recent national launch.

There are two models in the revised Vitara range; the JLX entry level and the Turbo. In their front wheel drive, the pair starts at $ 27,990 and $ 33,990 respectively, while those prices increase to $ 33,990 and $ 37,990 for the cheapest four-wheel drive variants.

Those figures are the same as those of the old model, which is a good thing given that this new model offers a selection of new features.

Visually, the dial has not been turned too far. The Vitara is not just a natural beauty, but it looks different and different. The most significant change is that the JLX is dropping its scroll bar grill to adopt the same grill to share vertically with the Turbo (although the Turbo is a click gain of a chrome). . The robustness of the front's lights looks more aggressive, and the back disperser has been replaced.

The main difference between the two is the machines. The JLX comes with a 1.6-liter M16A unit that is naturally asbestos making 86kW / 156Nm while the Turbo has to install it on the K14C Booster Jet & # 39 t ; makes 103kW / 220Nm.

In essence, they are the machines of the previous Swift Sport-gen and current – with the first having it hard to keep up with the last over our work through Waiuku bad trunk roads.

Although this was not the power that impressed the above roads. The Vitara has always been a sound corner carver, and the new one is not different. In many ways, we are attacking corners like a larger Swift – holding the road with unexpected confidence levels and dealing with a survivor with ease.

So what has changed?

There are a handful of inner things. There is a new 4.2 inch LCD cluster screen across the table, more soft touch surfaces, and a more contrasting color accent. The Turbo meanwhile has new leather / faux seats.

There is also more security technology. The Turbo has an advance system for camera and laser detection, rear-traffic warning, adaptive cruise control, blind sports monitoring, and diversion warning. This supports the distribution of standard electronic brakes and brakes are discounted.

According to Suzuki New Zealand, these changes make the new Vitara the most advanced Suzuki ever. Look out for a full road test in a future issue of I have to drive it.

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