Saturday , May 28 2022

The police researched China's critical star and sabotaged stars; in New Zealand


TMP, born in China, Jian Yang, who came under question last year after he came to the expiration that he had failed to reveal he had learned in a Chinese spy organization. Mr Yang said he was not a spy and the allegations were trying to "break" him because he was a Chinese.

Professor Brady has been at the forefront of efforts to raise concerns about alleged Chinese interventions in New Zealand.

The police investigated burglary in his house in February, where they brought three laptops, two mobile phones and an encrypted memory stick. More valuable items in the house had left alone.

Two months earlier, he broke his university office.

The police have contacted Interpol about the case.

"This has been a complex case, but the police have lines of positive inquiry," said the police spokesman at The New Zealand Herald in September.

Professor Brady said she would like the police to give her a defense to her family.

"It's increasing the things that have happened to me," he told the Stuff website.

"I'm just doing my job. I'm still doing my academic work, that's the whole I've never been doing."

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