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The CORTEX GCSB project is winning the iSANZ Award


The Bureau Security Security Bureau (GCSB) project has won a prize at the 2018 Information Security Awards (iSANZ) Awards this week.

CORTEX, which is an advanced cyber threat solution service for national organizations that is significant for New Zealand in 2014.

GCSB general director Andrew Hampton said the award highlights the hard work of the team and efforts to build and deliver the comparable capabilities of cyber defense when building and maintaining reliable relationships with New Zealand institutions.

"I believe this award is particularly significant as it is the recognition of peers in the information security industry and from all private sector," said Hampton.

This is not the first time for CORTEX to be recognized at an awards ceremony. The CORTEX Public Administration Foundation (IPANZ) acknowledged an Excellence Award for Building Trust and Government confidence back in July this year.

The GCSB says it is also working to expand its cyber-in-service services. Its Free-Malware Networks capability is currently being rolled out to a wider range of nationally significant organizations.

The chairman of the iSANZ Board, Kendra Ross, adds that modern cyber-induction processes must be flexible and viable in order to respond to the nature and frequency of constantly changing assaults.

"We have been very impressed with the achievements and achievements of all our candidates, the finalists and the winners. Strengthening the depth of InformationSec talent in New Zealand and the severity of cyber-induction awareness take, "said Ross.

The full list of the winners of the iSANZ 2018 Awards is below.

The Best Security / Enterprise Project

The GCSB, for his Cortex initiative.

Using information about threat from a range of sources, CORTEX is focused on resisting complex and persistent malware that comes from abroad. The critics commented on the significance and complexity of the initiative, noting its national importance to the public and private sector as well.

Best Safety Awareness Campaign

ANZ, for his Cyber ​​Ambassador Program.

There were 37 cyber staff across ANZ sites to reinforce good cybersecurity behavior. Updated awareness content has been given – have been promoted internally and with customers. The critics were impressed, saying that ANZ had built on the success of previous campaigns and committed to the safety awareness of the year.

In this category, Judge's Approval was also given to the Health Alliance for its DHB Cyber ​​Security North First Safety Campaign.

Best Security Company

Aura Information Security.

Aura's back winner stands out for the breadth and depth of cyber-installation consultancy services; as well as a specific research function, training (including tertiary support, internships and mentoring), with a strong emphasis on community engagement and engagement with stakeholders.

Best Business Starting or New Business

Defend Ltd.

After launching in 2017, Auckland based Defend offers a model of services that protect people, processes and technology. Defend stood out for its holistic approach – helping to make cyber-induction as a natural part of thinking their client, taking into account the cyber-settling from the executive's perspective, and giving back to the industry.

Seren Cybersecurity Up-and-coming

Daniel Underhay, from Aura Information Security.

Daniel has worked in the security community of New Zealand for two and a half years. At that time, he has demonstrated technical leadership, exceeds a global platform and has shown outstanding innovation through the Walrus Project – an Android app for seamless card cloning devices.

In this category, the critics gave particular attention to Craig Scoon of Deloitte NZ and the outstanding talent presented in his nomination.

Hall of Fame Prize

New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF)

For 10 years, the New Zealand Internet Task Force has dedicated itself to improving the New Zealand cyber security post. The not-for-profit contributed to cybersecurity, outreach and information sharing training – including consulting with the Government on cyber security, conducting public response activities and developing disclosure guidelines cohesive, which has now been adopted by many major enterprises and government agencies.

The iSANZ 2018 Awards were sponsored by Check Point, SailPoint, McAfee, Spark, Micro Focus, Liverton Security, Datacom, Symantec, Quantum Security, Aura Security Systems and Duo. Supporting organizations are ConnectSmart, Westcon-Comstor, Duo, NZITF, PS Duo, SiteHost, Tuesday 1st and Arrow ECS.

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