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The Big Kiwi is Bake Off: A white cake is politically correct

A good evening and welcome back to another exciting round of what happened Bake Off – Who made it cover and who completely pulled it?


Call your friends paleo, vegan, cross-fitting it causes a gluten-free week, a baby.

As someone whose favorite foods gluten (French small bags), this really left down personally – but I appreciate the inclusion of our GF.

* The Big Kiwi Live Off: The same thing they have to literally cook a building
* The Big Queue Stream: Everything is wrong
* The Big Kiwi Live Off: The same where baking all looks like turd

Do not "pack" free (ugh) that the gang must make two GF cakes.

First there was an orange and lavender cake, followed by a jazzy cheese cake and cooked in small baths, and as a keeper I was not a baker, I found this amazingly.


If you're a free gluten, I'm pretty sure that Annabel's picture would come up.


If you're a free gluten, I'm pretty sure that Annabel's picture would come up.

During this episode Annabel revealed she was free of gluten, and I'm sure she was not a surprise. Of course, Perfect Annabel is a free gluten person.

However, in absolute twist, however, Perfect Annabel had fully rooted on his first version of the orange and lavender cake I was very proud of because I & Sistist.

Basically, she made a whole jar shape of lavender metals (or seeds? I'm not sure) into the mix and I have to start again when it comes in in the oven – it was incredible.

After a second crack, however, it turns out Quite Fine (egg) but she is still scrapped in the third.

The second Annabel cake was "hot theme sheep" Chai latte and mocha cheesecake, which sounded quite ill for me personally, but the critics were in it. Customize yourself.


Call your paleo, vegan, cross-suit friends - that's fine, there's a free gluten week.


Call your paleo, vegan, cross-suit friends – that's fine, there's a free gluten week.

Despite the fact that she "made a GF cake for a friend's wedding," Stace's orange and lavender cake was a bit amazing.

He fell into a few tips, and at the point she made the very bold call to mix her marble and her daughters with each other leading to a peak that looked like cheese macaroni. It came in the last place, no surprise there.

Her second cake was a lemon and lemon cake macen, which was also a little cooked and sweet. Unfortunately, Stacey's cakes had not happened today.


Seren Baker Larissy.


Seren Baker Larissy.

On the other hand, Larissa was completely broken today and even went out to a star baker.

Her orange and lavender cake was beautiful and she made a wonderful cheese cake containing no less than 1300 flavors (raspberries, white chocolate, rhubarb, ginger, custard and about 1295 more I forgotten).

The final result was agreed on some jazz tinfoil styles and the critics said he was tasting "creamy and sweet". You go girl!


Abigail Dougherty / Stuff

There is a host of "The Kiwi Bake Off", Madeleine Sami and Hayley Sproull, trying the judging to see what's all about.

On episode tonight, Jeff did not have cake stability (this middle part fell from a little O & L cake) and was totally left with a song singing around the kitchen.

He also disposed of him with a second cake, a "white fish, ginger, tamarillo and white chocolate cheese cake" pumpkin that "the sweet and cloudy yellow" said – they all sound like good times . Yay Jeff.


The Great Kiwi Bake Off will follow the same format as the Great British Bake Off & # 39; which is going on in the long, popular period.

Hannah was completely neglected for her O & L cake – the critics said he was tasting like cheese and "was not enough smooth but acceptable".

Thank you, she brushed off those numbers and powered in the second round – but it also used a scary taste (spicy pumpkin, milk chocolate, caramel, white chocolate and maple syrup) that made me feel & # 39; ill.

However, the judges seemed great to Flavor Extravaganza.

"The spices are all over my tongue, in a nice way."


Very hot Joel - has gone but never forgotten.


Very hot Joel – has gone but never forgotten.

Things came off to start the son of Joel Hot Hot when asked if he had "always baked GF from before" who simply answered him with a stall stubbornly.

However, my personal highlight in this episode was when Madeleine said what we all had been thinking of Joel Hot Hot throughout this whole season.

"Hayley, I do not think Joel has made any bubbles before this competition, I think his friends were the same," should you go into a joke – she'll be so funny. "

Joely's worst things happened when his O & L cake appeared as a great hunk of Dickens' novel, and his cheese cake was just a basic lemon and lime number.

Understanding, VHJ was sent home together, but I'm sure this is not the last one we'll see on national television – New Zealand does not have enough attractive men to leave this other into & Our night.

Thank you and good night.

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