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Symptoms of menstrual cycle are eased by exercise, study shows


  • Exercise during your time can help relieve symptoms such as stomach cramps, tiredness, low mood, breast pain, and desire, according to new research.
  • Moderate intensity exercise was found to reduce menstrual symptoms in women worldwide.
  • It was found that women who also ate at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, and sleep adequately, have the least side effects of fenstruation.

For many women, the identification of "period pains" was a common way of going out of a gym class in school.

However, that excuse may not be flying for teenage girls today, as a new study has given more evidence that exercise helps to relieve the menstrual cycle symptoms.

Researchers from St Mary's University, London, found in conjunction with Strata and FitrWoman's tracking app, an app for tracking your menstrual cycle in relation to your training and your nutrition, that moderate exercise is most effective in reducing symptoms.

The researchers analyzed the responses from over 14,000 Strava's global female members, and found that 78% of women felt that exercise eased the symptoms of their periods.

Women usually experience stomach cramps, breast pain, mood changes, fatigue, and cravings around their periods, and the research found that a third of women had lost work due to their menstrual cycles.

However, practice can be key to reducing these monthly side effects.

Being on your time does not mean you should not work out.
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While you will feel like everything you want to do is sit on the couch with a hot water bottle and a bar of chocolate during your time, it was found that moderate intensity exercise makes women feel better – this was described as "hard breathing, able to hold a conversation."

The news comes after Dr.. Prudence Hall, founder and medical director of The Hall Center, told INSIDER previously that regular exercise can relieve your worst stage symptoms.

"Exercise is very beneficial in reducing menstrual cramps [because] "The blood flow increases," the blood moves from where you feel pain, "said Hall.

In a separate article, a gynecologist, Dr Jessica Shepherd, told INSIDER that some exercise can go a long way.

"The release of prostaglandins during your period causes pain and distress. Exercise is very useful during periods as the release of endorphs helps to relieve pain and also increases oxygenation to the muscle helping to reduce t distress, "he said.

But it's not just about keeping fit – however, the new research found that women meet World Health Organization practice guidelines and also eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. are less likely to lose work due to menstrual symptoms.

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Giving enough time to your recovery body also plays a role, and better sleep quality and a longer sleeping period are shown to be associated with lower symptoms.

The researchers also found that most women do not know much about how their period could affect their ability to exercise, and how they should adjust their training over the period of their menstrual cycle.

Overall, 72% of women said they did not receive any education about exercise and their menstrual cycle. This figure increases to 82% in the UK and Ireland, where 40% said they had decreased levels of exercise during puberty, compared to less than 20% in the USA, France, a & # 39 t Germany.

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"There are not enough public forums to discuss the menstrual cycle, pain, and female athletes openly," said Stephanie Hannon, Chief Product Officer at Strava.

"As the largest global community of athletic women, Strava is proud to help promote the understanding of the body's mental connections between stage pain and exercise."

Hannon added that the data showed that women who had received some education were much less likely to reduce their participation in exercise during puberty, called "the time when so many girls and young women give The best to play sport. "

"We are determined to use our platform to highlight how lack of education and debate prevents a healthy future for tomorrow's athletes tomorrow and future promoters," he added.

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