Monday , January 17 2022

Ponsonby Business Association is the latest to withdraw from Auckland Pride Parade


Ponsonby Business Association is the latest organization to cut money for the Auckland Pride Parade.

General manager Viv Rosenberg said the decision had come after the Pride board barred for New Zealand Police to leave in a 2018 parade in uniforms.

"We would like to do it [it] It is very clear that we are always and we will always support the Pride procession in Potsonby on the basis that that does not discriminate against any individual, group or organization that wanted to participate, "said Rosenberg.

"PBA stakeholders see New Zealand Police as a very important part of the community.

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"While we appreciate, this is a disappointing result, we can not support an event that excludes a valuable member of a community that they want to be represented in."

Participants at the Auckland Pride Pub 2018 along Ponsonby Rd.


Participants at the Auckland Pride Pub 2018 along Ponsonby Rd.

Rosenberg said the association had supported the march since 2013. He would not say how much money she provided.

On Tuesday, the Elfys New Situation Charitable Trust drew money from the parade after a unanimous decision at a special meeting to discuss the matter.

"Trustees are considering the Pride's decision to reject the NZ Police with the right to mark uniformly to be a breach of the trust's key purpose of maintaining a pool that is available to build strength through diversity within the LGBTQI + community in Seland New, "statement press release trust.

Westpac and the Defense Force have also decided against taking part in the event due to the board's decision to ban the police from marking in uniform.

Westpac spokeswoman said that the decision was made by workers who represent and advocate for their rainbow community.

"They have advised us that the recent decision on uniform police is contrary to the principles of openness and inclusiveness that we value at Westpac.

A rainbow police car joins the Pride Auckland 2018 Marketing.

Fiona Goodall / Getty Images

A rainbow police car joins the Pride Auckland 2018 Marketing.

"We will focus on working with the community to identify other ways of celebrating Westpac's commitment to diversity and inclusion across New Zealand."

Squadron leader of the Pearce Defense Police said he did not feel comfortable taking part in an event that had banned other uniform services.

"As Defense, the Police are on their own journey and are totally committed to inclusive diversity."

Last week, the Board said Pride that the decision to refuse uniform police officers to take part in the parade was made for the security of members of the LGBTQI community.

People Against Aotearoa Prisons, a spokesman for Emilie Rākete, said she had been beaten by the police and was cracked by a male officer, and the way they treated transgender people was "disgraceful".

A special general meeting will be held in early December to decide on the future of the Auckland & Pride board after four Pride members expressed a "lack of confidence" over the police uniform ban.

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