Tuesday , July 5 2022

Nvidia's Shield TV, the best media stream enthusiastically, reaches its lowest price again


You do not need to settle for a simple Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. If you're searching for a media stream that is checking almost every high-end box you could ask for a can play games from a wide variety of sources, Nvidia's Shield TV with a distance is just $ 140 on Amazon at the moment. That's up to $ 40 cheaper than the usual price of $ 180 for the device we ordered "the best media streamer for geeks." We have not seen the Shield TV price reduction very often, and this is the low time time for the Nvidia streaming box.

Part of the reason that the Nvidia Shield stands out of the package is its incredible gaming options. You can play Android games locally or stream computer computer games from GeForce's total GeForce or computer, Surfing, Surprise Nvidia. The Shield & Nvidia game manager does not bring this bundle – which has been set aside for the $ 200 package more expensive. But if you have an Xbox or PlayStation manager lying around you, you can transport it into USB Shield TV ports to get your game.

But this is not just the reason for choosing the Shield TV. Even if you are not a gambler, this is a great box for media streaming, especially for A / V enthusiastic people As we said in our review of Shield TV, has an "excessive processing force" which can help support a 4K and high-dynamic range (HDR) solution for anyone who has already upgraded to the next generation of exhibitions . It is also a great machine for running a Plex, Kodi, or DVR server for over-the-air television.

The Shield TV also integrates well with smart home settings and obedience to Google Assistant and Alexa Alexa.

The mainstream of the mainstream programs you are looking for, including Netflix, Amazon Video, Vudu, Google Play Movies & TV, Steam to stream games at home, sports subscription apps, and a host of music services. If that was not enough, the Nvidia Shield TV has a Chromecast function to include for those that you can not find. It is hard to get wrong with this game of streaming boxes, and it is currently available at a great price.

[Today’s deal: Nvidia Shield TV with Remote for $140 at Amazon.]

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