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New Episode of the Broadcasting Television Television Series


There will be innovation with Ed Begley, Jr. broadcast on Wednesday,
November 14, 2018 at 6:30 pm ET through the History of the Channel. Check
your local listings for more information.

First of all, the show
It will focus on EMAX Industrial Compressors and its
Green Technology Frequency Variety First Green Industry,
which is almost silent when running. Viewers will learn
for 2nd Series Silent Air Generator Compressor 2 & # 39;
80% of energy savings, which provide an average repayment of
36-48 months. The segment will also explore the new PLC
Manager Interface, which uses touch screen commands i
install RPMs, range of pressures, operating hours, and more.

Next, the show will teach audiences about AcquiFlow, a developing company and
operates turn-key solutions to customers in
controlled agriculture AcquiFlow works with
some of the most advanced companies in the world a
has created a subsidiary to launch a product line based on a hemp
which brings those plants healing directly to

In addition, Innovation will look at
how technology is used in the hospitality industry like
it contains eTouchMenu ™, which is transformed
traditional paper menus into a immersive digital menu
experiences – take brand new engagement with a new level.

"These technologies really change our way
operate, from a business and individual perspective
"said Will Spilecki, senior producer for the
Innovation television series. "We're pleased to be able
bring this kind of information to audiences. "

About us
Innovation and DMG Productions:
Innovation, run by
The award-winning actor, Ed Begley, Jr., is based on information
A series that focuses on the teaching of the public and the latest
developments in all areas of society. Includes practical
important solutions and issues that face consumers a
Professionals alike, Innovation is focused on innovative
developments in everything of health and wellbeing i
global business, renewable energy, and more.

Supported by
specialists in different areas, and a dedicated education team
and development, DMG Productions is constantly producing
a non-commercial, educational program on both
viewers and networks
it depends.

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