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MPI: Biosecurity champions in the lights


Biosecurity Today, New Zealand announced the winners of the New Zealand Biosecurity Awards 2018 today.

Environment The Southland Flanders Marine Trail Management Plan took out the main award, the Supreme New Zealand Biosecurity Award. In addition, they received their Local Government and Mid-East Biotechnology Ecole Award.

The Fordland Marine Route Management Plan, the first of New Zealand type, aims to protect one of New Zealand's most unique and national areas of marine pests that are carried on and visiting local ships.

"New Zealand Biosecurity Awards celebrate iwi, environmental organizations, science providers, community groups, local, regional and central government agencies that work hard to help ensure that Aotearoa is safe from pests and diseases, "said Roger Smith, Head of Biosecurity.

"Their magnificent mahi is crucial to keeping our biosecurity system strong, and every day they are placed in the hard yacht to ensure we continue to have a world-leading biosecurity system."

The winners of the Awards included a wide variety of biosecurity projects to protect the New Zealand curator industry, for the excellence of biosecurity in Tauranga to improve the results for kÅ kako, and even innovative products such as a system cleaning portable shoes.

"This year we saw a number of high quality records, making it a great challenge for the judges of the Award (chaired by Dr John Hellstrom), to choose these winners," said Roger Smith.

"These Awards are an extremely important occasion, as they provide a minute of time to take the time to recognize and honor the important successes that occur in our biosecurity system.

Winners of the "New Zealand Biosecurity Awards" show that biosecurity is not just up to New Zealand Biosecurity. Each New Zealand has a role to play in preventing pests and diseases from entering New Zealand or helping to spread their spread if they arrive here. He takes us all to defend what we have, "said Roger Smith.

Here is the full list of winners of the New Zealand Biosecurity Awards:

New Zealand Biosecurity Conservation Community Award – Pirongia Rehabilitation Society Aro Kahu

New Zealand Biosecurity GIA Industry Award – Kiwifruit Vine Health

New Zealand Biodiversity Challenge Biodiversity Science Award – Scion: New Zealand Forest Research Institute

New Zealand Food Jewelery Award – Dr Amanda Black

Punjabi Biosecurity Football Prize Ki kiri New Zealand – Te RÅ¡nanga o NgÄ i Te Rangi Iwi Trust

Local Government and Central Biotechnology New Zealand Award – Southland Environment

New Zealand New Zealand Biosecurity Innovation Award – Jacson3 Limited

Supreme New Zealand Biosecurity Award – Southland Environment

Minister Biosecurity Award – Greg Corbett

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