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Kiwi para-climber Rachel Maia achieves the goal of nationals returning after a break


Kiwi's para-climber, Rachel Māia, has achieved her goal of returning to the national championships.

The 35-year-old chose to cut her lower leg below the knee in February to give her nearly 20 years of chronic pain.

But only three months later he was back competing in the nation last weekend in Panmure Extreme Edge in Auckland.

Rachel Māia has returned to nationals three months after cutting her lower leg.

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Rachel Māia has returned to nationals three months after cutting her lower leg.

She told 1News she was happy to be back around her climbing peers.

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"It's such a positive thing that back around the climbing family. When I think why I'm climbing, the people are always."

At the age of 16, when he was on a school trip on the South Island, everything changed when Miaia suffered a collapse, landing awkwardly on a collision boat that had not been properly repaired.

His right ankle had a small cut. His left was broken – the cartilage was removed and the bones were broken.

There were a number of surgeries, including one where the hip of her hip was removed and then placed on her ankle, internal screws were inserted to keep her safe.

During the two decades since her accident, Mia has had nine ankle surgeries, including a number of decomposition operations to remove bones and cartilage growing in the wrong place. Mobility has come and gone, but eventually the treatment did not allow her to live without pain or with full independence, Radio New Zealand reported last month.

In 2017, Climbing NZ introduced a para-athlete category in nationals for the first time.

We competed in that first event and since then he has set up New Zealand records. In 2018, she was the first international preparater in New Zealand, finishing fourth in the IFSC Paraclimbing Championships in the lower power category.

In the World Champions, the break crossed her mind first. She was climbing with friends, and one of them was charged under the knee. Miaia realized that she could achieve more with a prosthetic.

"Sitting on the top of an Austrian mountain, in the silence you see him surrounded by cloudy clouds well above the highway, I realized how beautiful and beautiful the world was, how much I was i wanted to throw it myself to explore it again also how much my mobility was holding me back.

When she returned home, she called her surgeon and put the cut decision forward.

Māia said that her first citizens in the amputee category had been difficult, but she had made it more hungry to continue.

"It's been difficult out there," he said 1News.

"My body is definitely having it hard and I am very aware of many areas to work on, but it's kind of turning me."

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