Friday , January 22 2021

Kiwi actor ends up keeping home for sex offenses

New Zealand's famous actor who has been convicted of sex offenses has finished his home retention sentence.

Lee Rene Naufahu was sentenced last January to one year of home at home for attacking six indecent women.

The first one Shortland Street A star in his acting classes took place between 2011 and 2013.

The 48-year-old first refused any misconduct and even posted a video of it performing a public poem that seemed to refer to the allegations against him.

But it's Power Ranger an actor admitted his crimes a few weeks before being trialled in the Auckland District Court.

The winner of the New Zealand Script Awards ended last week, however, at least two victims did not know that his sentence had finished.

Talk to Herald on Sunday, one woman said she had assumed that the Corrections Department would notify him of the details of Naufahu's relief.

When asked for comments on the release of Naufahu, an answer Correction spokesman refused, indicating obligations under the Privacy Act.

However, they said that victims of serious crime could register to receive notices about their offender, under the Rights of Victims Act.

But Naufahu's victims say they were not aware of having to register and could not recall that they were told about their right to find out about the case.

After last sentence, one of Naufahu's victims shared his powerful statement with Herald and said his offenses were causing "permanent physical, mental and emotional harm".

"During these sessions, Aden systematically renovated, over a period of months, to my homes to ignore the appropriate boundaries [to] dismiss any opposition to physical and sexual offenses, "he said.

"Any protests with mitigation explanations have been found as this is what it takes to be a better actor, or this is operating in the world really & # 39 ;. "

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