Friday , May 27 2022

Immigration fails to deport a $ 10k man to UK citizens, who married 11 days after the first meeting 1 NEWS NOW


Immigration officers have failed in an attempt to deport a 60-year-old person who believed they had paid a wife who had married to live after only 11 days of the first meeting.

The Chinese man, 60, met with the wife, 79, online. He began after a presentation by the man's son, who knew the woman through their church.

She is a citizen of New Zealand countries who came from China two decades ago to join her children.

New Zealand Infusion (INZ) rejected the man's request, and tried to deport her.

The couple told INZ that they had communicated through the social media and had a life experience to know what they wanted from a relative.

They said that the $ 10,000 payment made to her would cover her living costs and immigration applications.

Her health conditions meant she could not join her in China if she was deported but INZ was not satisfied that she was a real relationship.

However, the Immigration and Protection Tribunal rejected the exile.

He said it was unusual that the couple had decided to get married within days of beginning to communicate through WeChat, but translations of their communications revealed genuine affection and mutual respect.

"Marriage before living together was also important to them, according to their age and more traditional conservative prospects," said their councilor at the tribunal.

Their communication did not suggest that the money sent was an agreed price for a wedding.

The tribunal said they had been living together for more than two years and gave him a 12 month visa so that his application for a residence could be completed.

This decision can be found here.

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