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Call Me With Your Name

Luca Guadagnino's director has graduated according to the original original Argento, 1977, making a more introspect version that appears as a hidden fever dream.

There is a great deal of original bombs and plays on enjoying cold rather than abrasive scores.

Like the original, this relatively simple story has been installed in cold Berlin during the 70's.

An urban coven of witches operates out of a famous dancing academy, which not only acts as a perfect cover but is also convenient for them to provide the necessary dance habits that feed directly to & # 39; w rituals and rituals.

Tilda Swinton breaks a striking figure as head of the coven, Madame Blanc. But while she is visually visually, there is no one antagonist to determine your fears. Instead, it's all in its entirety that gives a stunning sense. Especially when the costume dancer, Susie (Dakota Johnson), pirouettes stretch in their clutches.

The eyel-eyed will notice swinton that bends on the sexes also plays Dr Klempe as a prosthetic load.

Her investigative voice of reason provides the movie, her moral center and maternity themes coupled with the war and disgrace of Germany after the war are cleared and thick.

However, the deep Suspiria traffic register feels difficult nuts at times to crack. The wolf's complex myth is hanging in a beebeat and unfortunately, I found the desire to dig deep and obstruct meaning very scarce.

There is no denial, however, the impressive craft is displayed and Guadagnino paints plenty of unusual but spectacular images on sight.

There are some horrible flashlights that are amazing, but amazing, which builds on a noisy and entertaining Suspiria tone. There is one special scene that includes the brilliant fate of the rebellious dancer bones, depressing and unfortunate.

Suspiria is an ambitious homage to the original but, unfortunately, its enterprising style becomes less compelling as the movie is worn on, and its final throw, surgical bath, is overcrowded.

Despite this, if you have the stomach, Suspiria is still worth it.

Director: Luca Guadagnino
Cast: Dakota Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth
Run time: 152 minutes
Censor: R16, violence, horror and knights

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