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Fatima Enari missed the firstborn of his grandchildren after suffering a severe brain injury


Fatima Enari to New Zealand of the United States fights exciting about the birth of the first first grandchildren and all the upcoming pig and hugs.

But instead of sharing all of these valuable first moments she has spent the last three weeks at the Auckland City Hospital unconscious of reaching her grandchildren, who happened two floors above her room in the Intensive Care Unit.

Enari suffered a severe brain injury after being hit by cyclists on October 22. She has been disappearing in and out of awareness ever since, and although the family has been presented to & # 39 ; The newborn baby has not been good enough to register full of what's happening.

The 67-year-old was walking along a shared North West route, in West Auckland, when he was hit by the rider and fell to the ground.

"At that point, she must have completely doubled and went down like a ton of brick," said the girl, Teuila Herald.

"Her head was taking everything, no scraps or bones were broken, it's unfortunately that her only stagger became human sponge."

Enari was accepted to the ICU Auckland Hospitals where the staff performed a CT scan and detected bleeding on the brain, damage to the front lobe and a cut to the back of its skull.

Sarasopa Enari, the husband of Enari, who moved with her from New Zealand to the US in 2013, was immediately on an airboard to be on her side, together with the son of Kirk and a daughter in Sara-Jane's law.

Teuila, who is based in Canada, jumped on the next tour.

Teaila with her mother Fatima Enari. Picture / Supply
Teaila with her mother Fatima Enari. Picture / Supply

Teuila said while her mother had suffered a traumatic injury to the brain, disorders and harm will not be known until she recovered full awareness.

"She has been transferred to the High Neurology Reliability Unit where she has been aware of almost three weeks. He definitely wait and see," he said.

"They said she may be in the high dependency ward for six weeks, then she will move to a regular ward for how long, and she will go to a few months in severe residential rehabilitation."

Teuila said her mother had been in New Zealand since September, waiting for her first grandmother's birth.

The baby's daughter was born last Monday, two floors above her critically injured grandmother.

Fatima Enari, with a Sarasopa's husband, at Auckland Hospital is recovering from a severe brain injury after being hit by a biker. Picture / Supply
Fatima Enari, with a Sarasopa's husband, at Auckland Hospital is recovering from a severe brain injury after being hit by a biker. Picture / Supply

"It's been bitter sweet. My brother came down to the baby when his mother's eyes opened, but he did not slip in," he said.

"Every time the nurses ask her a year, it's still going back to 2017. The lights are in hand but it's not quite home."

Teuila said the accident had been awarded by the police as an event and that the family had little contact with the cyclist.

"We're pretty sure I'm not aware of the seriousness of mother injuries," he said.

"We'd like to get to the cyclist, more so for my mother's husband because he does not understand the whole thing completely. We're totally in the dark.

"As far as we know, the police intend to close the case and just put it down as an accident, and it's more likely than that."

The family has also set up a Informing page to help raise money for continuing Enari care.

The page currently has risen just over $ 4000, which, according to Teuila, will help to pay the rent of his mother in the United States and accommodation and care in New Zealand. The ACC also contributes to medical costs.

"I've been blown away with the generosity of people in the last 48 hours that it had been in operation," he said.

• To contribute go Help Fatima on her way to recover on Givealittle.

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