Thursday , January 21 2021

Elon Musk makes a terrible, terrible noise to praise gorillas

Elon Musk makes a terrible, terrible noise to praise gorillas

'Lads! Lads! Someone gets the sampler! I've had an idea! # 39;

THE RESEARCHER Fools do not make April jokes. But if we did this, this would be one of them because then we wouldn't go through the traumatic realization that this is the real deal.

Elon Musk has released a rap song.

Let's allow that sink in.

OK. Let's plow forward. Elon Musk has released a rap song about Harambe the Gorilla.

We feel that another delay is needed.

We are sorry. We are so bad. We did not want this to happen.

The song was; two minutes was uploaded to Soundcloud's site to Emo G's record label that didn't exist over the weekend and has already had a quarter of a million lucky streams.

The track is one big clutter but somehow manages to be quite snappy. Then there are the words: "Harambe / Sipping RIP on some Bombay / We are on our way to heaven / Amen, Amen / Harambe RIP / Smoking on some strong / In the gorilla sack / And we think about you. "

We suspect that some "strong" have been part of the constitution.

For anyone who was unaware of the story, Harambe was a gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo, which was shot after a three-year-old child who had decided to look too close.

The event was destroyed by animal rights groups and questioned why the gorilla was shot when the little boy who had done something was. We're not sure if they suggested they shot the child, just that it could have been a nicer way of calming the situation.

Elon Musk's love of diving is just as well known as the car-making and spacecraft lover and the excavation of large tunnels.

The Boring Company launched its flare-up; last year (not yet April Fool) sold within hours.

Musk's connection with music is well known. As well as his fake record label, he also has a tribute band – a heavy metal dress called Raptor Command specializing in singing songs that praise the work of the entrepreneur in saving the world. .

We are very pleased to give you Soundcloud link to 'RIP Harambe & 39'; below. Because we don't just see why we should suffer. μ

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