Monday , June 27 2022

'Deep pain': Shawn Crahan of Slipknot shares a heartbreaking job announcing the death of a daughter 22yo


Despite Crahan's current request for privacy, social media speculation was rife within the publication records.

Public speculation about the cause of Gabrielle's death led to her sister, Alexandria, posting on Instagram: "He died in WEST, SPECIAL WAITING, CHOOSE THE EVENTS.

Gabrielle's brother Simon gave a heartfelt tribute to his sister on Instagram.

"Today is the hardest day ever, I am confused, I'm sorry … and my sad is just very sad. Gabri I miss so much I I missed like nothing else we were best friends we were good at she doesn't come here anymore, I love you Gabri and I know you will know that forever. "

Alexandria asked his followers to send good energy to their parents and brothers.

"I'm in shock and I have no idea how to process the wave of emotions I'm experiencing. The comforts I have in these moments are my family, friends, and cats.

"This loss leaves the biggest hole … 22 are too young to die."

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