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Cricket: New Zealand's biggest threat to the success of the World Cup

It's a good thing that a picture can say 1000 words as many were not shared by Eoin Morgan and Virat Kohli.

The 10 captains of each country competing in the World Cricket Cup came together for a media opportunity in north London on Thursday and although there is plenty of goodwill in the air, that won't be the case the tournament will start on 30 May. .

As the skippers spread across four chairs on stage in front of keen journalists, Morgan (England) and Kohli (India) shared a seat next to each other. But those who were worried about some awkward times between the couple, with a significant gap between them and a lack of conversation with chit at times.

It was not always like that during the promotional gig – they shared some laughter – but perhaps a bit awkward in a few maps because Morgan and Kohli were responsible for teams expected to bring home silverware.

England is number 1 in the world in ODI cricket and is a big favorite to win its first World Cup while India is second and has chefs and ball cooks.

If those two teams play for their potential, it doesn't matter how well Kane Williamson or Martin Guptill performs because on their day, India and England can in-form go out to anyone in the 50-year-old format.

Morgan and Kohli know that, and that is why so little talk was kept as little as possible at yesterday's conference. They've already had a stunning advantage about them and befriended up to their biggest competitor the week before the tournament starts it won't help them when they need a killer instinct in the World Cup.

If England and India – and their captains – are already focusing on laser and staggering in ensuring that nothing is successful, then Australia has a reason to be scared.

England's batting roamer is its greatest strength. Morgan, Jason Roy and Jonny Bairstow can all clear the ropes with ease, and Jos Buttler's game was recently called by Ricky Ponting as "out of this world". Throw Ben Stokes and Moeen Ali lower down the command and 350-plus scores – considering smaller English lands – can be the norm.

In a column for The Daily Mail, former England captain Nasser Hussain said: "This is not the best ever World Cup squad, this is probably the best one-day squad ever.

"If I were captain against this English team, I would be scared because so many of these players could destroy you."

India also has enough star power with the bat. Kohli, which is nearly 60 in ODIs with 41 tons, is the best one-day batter in the world and Rohit Sharma is the only player to get three ODI twice back to his name.

A bowling-wise, paceman Jasprit Bumrah is in his own league and the cool head of Dhoni MS will be crucial in pressure minutes.

Although the preparation of the Black Caps alone was not long on its own, it could hardly be described as an ideal ideal.

Williamson's men have not played ODI for three months – their final game in this format is a 88-strong victory over Bangladesh in Dunedin in February.

Since then nine World Cup members played various roles in the Premiership India and another four in the three-game series against XI's closer Australian strength earlier this month.

After an extended time of such a separate, there is pressure in the pipeline to merge immediately.

"Having a tournament on the other side of the world where there is a different season and our domestic competition is not going on is the nature of the beast," Williamson said.

"To a certain extent, this is the nature of the international game where you are constantly developing and you are converting formats through time. T

"Our calendar is big on the calendar and preparation has been different for each team. T

"There is a single component but you want to see the team come together as a combination and that's the best way to build momentum into the tournament. That's what each team will try to do."

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