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Boyd is pragmatic for Bennett-Seibold's exchange saga


Darius Boyd is unsure whether the possible training exchange between Wayne Bennett and Anthony Seibold will be underway, but if that does, it requires that only one method must Brisbane players take it.

"I'm planning on Wayne to be here next year and from a personal perspective, I hope it is, and I know that all the boys do it, but if Seibold comes in there & # As usual business, "said Boyd at

"As players, we are all professional. If Wayne is here, we will do our best under Wayne. If we're Seibold, we do our best under Seibold.

"We will still want to win and be successful and make our own, our family, our supporters and members."

Bennett is going to walk through the hall of Brisbane International Airport sometime in the next 48 hours and will correct in the next round of stories on the exchange saga.

The former veteran mentor, who has signed up as South Sydney coach from Seibold in 2020, has been a bad record on his plans for the next season ever since Broncos drowned out of & # 39; r final. Before leaving Europe to train England, he sent a message to all Broncos players saying he would return in 2019 to honor his Brisbane contract and repeated this proposal several times since then. understands Brisbane CEO, Paul White, with no intention to allow that to happen. The Broncos are comfortable with Bennett on board for another year, but also realize that switch can be switched off early that this would be the best result for both clubs.

If the situation changes and that there is a training exchanges, it will happen due to high level negotiations behind the curtains that have a complexity beyond the tenure of the main trainers.

When Bennett was brought back to Broncos in 2015 to replace Anthony Griffin, the total cost to the club was around $ 2 million. The pay was out to Griffin but also for players – Ben Barba and Martin Kennedy to start – and staff who were also moved after Bennett returned.

Any exchanges before the term of 2019 would also be likely to include possible payments to staff that have been contracted to the Broncos. They have families to support themselves and their professional aspirations. These are delicate issues and will include respectful discussions and sincere discussions.

Although there are plenty of former Brisbane players have been vocal about the need for exchange, it's not a simple process.

Another factor in play is the majority shareholder of Broncos is Nationwide News, a subsidiary of NewsCorp.

NewsCorp ticked to return Bennett in 2015 and subsequent payments and the company would have to do it again if there was any change to the status quo.

Boyd, who was contracted until the end of 2021 in Brisbane, has played at NRL under Bennett in Brisbane, San Siôr Illawarra and Newcastle but is comfortable with the fact that he will finish his career with Seibold as his coach .

Bennett wanted a Brisbane coach in 2020 but Broncos did not give that wish. Boyd was not a decision to do, but he also understands part and part of the game after he was forced out of the Broncos at the end of 2008.

"I'm clearly impartial. I've played with Wayne along my career and I'd love to finish my career under him but that's not the case," said Boyd.

"More than ever shows that, while the rugby league is a game, it's also a business and no-one is immune to retire or dump on the shoulder.

"I learned that early when I had to leave Brisbane.

"I was eager to play my whole career here and I would never have left if I did not tap on the shoulder all the years ago because what I ever wanted to do as a child play for the Broncos.

"You're there and hope that she'll never be happy but that's not the way that it works, but I & # 39 I have to wait with Wayne and follow Wayne and I'll appreciate the clubs I played for and all the experiences I got along the way. "

The couple share an incredible bond but that is offset by the respect of Boyd to White. Boyd's development is a leader and an understanding of how the business of the rugby league's work has steered its pragmatic attitude towards the Brisbane training landscape.

The 31 year old is also happy that White is kept in the link for club plans to the extent that he needs.

"I believe that Whitey is a great CEO, the best I've ever had, and I'm respected," said Boyd.

"Although I liked Wayne to stay on Whitey and pay the board to make business decisions, they've done them. That's their job. As players, our work is to play.

"On the outside, whether they are supporters or family, they will all go what's going on? Is Wayne going to be there? So, & # 39 ; n the naturally the boys talk about it.

"Many of the boys want Wayne to wait but once they meet Seibold, I'm sure they will be in contact with him as a person and enjoying their methods."

No-one is a retirement immunity or to be tapped on the shoulder.

Darius Boyd

The former Maroons and Kangaroos, astonishingly, enjoyed his time being trained by Seibold when he was assistant coach of Queensland.

"Anthony was really good. Finding, it was not weekly and during the week but I thought it was really thorough with everything that went past and I liked & # 39; The way he spoke to the players, "said Boyd.

"It was resumed before Souths and Origin were good. Then you'll add what you did at Origin and year level, who got a Souths trainer (Dally M) year and could not be in a better position to become a strong club like the Broncos with much expectation.

"I'm sure it's exciting to come, whenever that is, and I am sure he will do a good job when he arrives here."

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