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Billionaire's Chief Executive Nick Caporella compares the job to look after a person who has an error


Companies are usually announcing earnings in news releases of the name "Company quarterly quarterly returns" or "Company presents a second quarter of entries".

The National Beverage Corporation has never followed that route, but the chief executive, Nick Caporella, has disappeared from the script in a much more extreme way last Thursday.

The company that makes a LaCroix brand of sweeping water leads to Thursday's earnings relief, "Just Love Our LaCroix" Consumers Chant ", which has just come to an end.

Apart from the first sentence of the sentence indicating what National Beverage issues publish and the numbers, the whole statement was a long quote, imposed by Caporella.

"We are really sorry for the results set out above," the quote started three paragraphs. "The reasons were not negligence or mismanagement or the deeds of God – much of this was the result of injustice!"

Caporella did not identify exactly what injustice caused National Drink to sell less cans of scabious water with flavor than expected. Instead, he moved on to an awkward overlap, comparing his work of managing a company that sells drinks packed to look after a disabled person.

"Brand management is not so different to caring for someone who has difficulties," said Caporella. "Brands do not see or hear, so they are on the mercy of their owners or care providers who have to keep the dignity and special character that the brand explains."

Nathan Yates, an economics and finance teacher with muscular backing muscles, a form of muscle dystrophy, arrived at the MarketWatch publication on Twitter after reading this story to share her anger for the feature.

"We in the disadvantage community definitely disagree with the CEO's disability stereotype," said Yates. "We're not vegetable that we can not do anything for ourselves. Rarely, our troubles make us absolutely useless as stated by the company's press release."

Both Caporella and LaCroix have faced tough allegations of late. Caporella has been accused of inappropriate touch by two pilots, The Wall Street Journal which was reported in July, and legal cases launched last year accused LaCroix – which is billed as a "naturally energetic" inventive water – from mock advertising for ingredients artificial.

A National Drink spokeswoman said that the injustice that was referred to Caporella was a legal case, which accused LaCroix of chemicals that are also included in cockroach insecticide.

On the comparison of brand management and caring for a disadvantaged person, he said that Caporella meant "he was asking for a lot of tender and loving care".

The Caporella company enjoyed a huge boost of funding and a profile when LaCroix became popular, with the stock starting to show the effects in 2016. The biggest earnings in 2017 came when the National Drink was worth more than $ 5.5 billion at times.

The LaCroix and National Beverage stock have decreased since then, and the shares took a big advantage on Friday after the report, reducing 14.7 percent. The stock has now fallen by 41 per cent in the last year and has closed with a market capitalization of US $ 2.8 billion on Friday. The National Drink sales of $ 6.5 million last year declined to US $ 221 million in the quarter reported on Thursday, which dropped to US $ 24.8 million of US $ 41.1 million.

National Behavioral statements for Drinks have included much other than a quote from Caporella, which has rarely followed a typical operating script. However, this statement even stood out of previous examples.

"We are not a typical company," said the National Drink spokesman for MarketWatch. "What comes out in the script and statements is the intensity and intensity we have for our users and products."

The statement came to an end with Caporella hanging back to the odd title, before signing a "Patriotism" signature – If we can only bottle it! "

"One can be motivated to buy at a cheaper price or put off products, but falling in love with a feeling of joy is the result of the content. Ask any LaCroix user … Would you trade off LaLa feels? " shout – We love our LaCroix! & # 39; I am positive and always responding this way. "

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